Sports fans have generally always adored sports video games.
Not only are they fun and entertaining, but sports-themed products give fans the opportunity to replicate moves with their favorite stars and take their beloved teams to the top of the pile.

For fans of the Cowboys, for example, there have been a number of NFL-themed games featuring some of the team’s instantly recognizable faces.

When it comes to smartphone gaming, sports games have witnessed a dramatic growth of late. In fact, mobile gaming is booming, on the whole, thanks to its improved all-around offering. With our new and improved modern-day smartphones has come an array of top-quality games that are well worth sampling. Alongside sports games, other mobile titles are thriving also, such as console-quality releases like Call of Duty: Mobile, augmented reality titles such as Pokemon Go, and not to mention popular casino titles from developers like NetEnt.

Put simply, the overall mobile gaming package has never been so strong, with sports games playing an integral role in the evident improvement also. Sports games are popular, they’re generally easy to grasp, and they represent a genuinely excellent gaming opportunity on a miniature handheld device.

With a wave of games constantly being released on smartphone devices these days, below is a look at some of the best sports-themed products for your device right now.

Madden NFL Mobile Football 

Photo: Android Police

One for any football fans among us, Madden NFL Mobile Football is one of the top American football games to play on a mobile phone at the moment. Playing as your favorite NFL players and teams, you can fine-tune your tactics, master specific plays, and even battle with a friend in co-op mode.

There are also purchasable packs that will unlock new players, alongside a whole host of other rewards that will improve your team. If you’re after a football game for your phone, then Madden NFL Mobile Football is easily the best option.

NBA 2K20

Offering console-quality graphics and an authentic all-around feel, NBA 2K20 is top of the pile when it comes to basketball gaming options on a smartphone device. From the game’s MyCareer Run story mode to its NBA Stories that relive some of the greatest moments in NBA History, you’ll be entertained for hours on end with this one.

It comes as no surprise to see NBA 2K20 registering a  great deal of success, that’s for sure. Overall, for a mobile game, it’s hard to fault.

MLB 9 Innings 22

Thankfully, for baseball lovers, MLB 9 Innings 22 is a truly authentic baseball-themed mobile game for them to enjoy. The game offers immaculate graphics, the gameplay is easy to grasp, there are over 30 MLB ballparks and over 1,700 players, and you can play the game one-handed.

Other popular options include entering a Ranked Battle and a Club Battle mode, where you can come up against players across the world.

Easily the best baseball game available to play on mobile, MLB 9 Innings 22 is well worth downloading.

Golf Star

There have been plenty of forgettable golf releases over the years, but Golf Star certainly doesn’t fall into that category. Offering intuitive controls and superb graphics, the game is mightily impressive. You can fine-tune your skills and dive straight into a Career Mode, take part in a multiplayer Tournament Mode, enjoy a Goodwill Match against players online, and a whole lot more. Golf Star really is a blast to play.

Other options include Fishing Life, eFootball PES 2021, Boxing Star, AO Tennis, FIFA Mobile, FIE Swordplay, NBA Jam, OK Golf, Rocket League Sideswipe, and Snowboard Party: World Tour.

Featured Image: Android Police
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