When the Rangers made their roster moves on Wednesday morning, it wasn’t the impossible that happened but the inevitable.
Texas sent a struggling Ezequiel Duran down to AAA.

“The reality is that it’s a performance-based game, and Zeke’s performance has not been on par with what we think he’s capable of,” Rangers GM Chris Young said.

“We’ve given him the opportunity to try and get going here, but it just hasn’t worked out.

Duran had slashed .225/.245/.324 with just one home run in his last thirty games.

Although he has struggled, it’s not due to a lack of consistent playing time. Duran has seen starts at 3rd base, 1st base, and DH over the last month due to the Rangers injury situation.

However, the Rangers’ injury situation may be getting better, and Ezequiel Duran’s playing time may be getting worse.

With Josh Jung coming off the IL at some point in the near future, Duran will be out of any opportunities he had to play third.

As for first base, Nathaniel Lowe’s recent hot streak has kept him in the lineup against both righties and lefties. Lowe has been slugging the ball well as of late and could be at the start of a major hot streak.

For now, the DH slot is pretty open, but not for long. When Jung comes back, it’s likely that the red-hot Josh Smith is going to take a bulk of the ABs in that spot for now.

Smith is batting .294 with an OBP of .389 and an OPS of .851 in 76 games played this season. Bruce Bochy most certainly will not be coming out of the lineup anytime soon.

The truth is that Duran is running out and may have already run out of time to impress the Rangers and convince Bruce Bochy to give him more regular at-bats.

Chris Young and the Rangers are hopeful that some ABs with AAA Round Rock are just what the doctor ordered for Ezequiel Duran.

“We need him to go down, work on some things, build some confidence, and remember the player that he is,” Chris Young went on to say.

“The hope is that he’ll be down there for a short period of time, and once he’s hot, he will come back and help us out.”

If Duran does come back and have a chance to make an impact, he had better make sure that he does, or else his time could run out.

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