Plenty of great teams cement the hockey culture of the Dallas Stars.
1999 is the year of the Stars as they closed out the Millennium with a Stanley Cup title. This is still their only Stanley Cup title despite years of promising teams.

Those teams ended short of the ultimate goal but still displayed the potential to finish the job. The 2024 Stars are one of those teams with high promises to go all the way. The Edmonton Oilers joined many who knocked them out of the playoffs to advance onwards.

Add this loss to the list of Game 7 overtime losses to Stanley Cup Final eliminations of Stars teams that never got to the ultimate goal.

This team winning another Stanley Cup will happen eventually, but this fanbase must endure each one of these losses until then.

This loss adds to the many already in team history, but where does it stand amongst the rest?

2016 and 2019 Game 7 losses to the Blues

The St. Louis Blues ended the Stars’ back-to-back playoff runs in the Second Round. The 2016 Stars accomplished the same as this year with a #1 seed in the Western Conference. Lots of thrills and hope filled the atmosphere as the Stars ousted the Wild in 6 games in Round One. The Stars went to St. Louis down 3-2 in the round that followed. Pulling off the win meant a Game 7 in Dallas where the fun ended. Three first-period goals led to a 6-1 Game 7 Rout from the Blues. This Stars team showed great potential, so this loss left a bad taste in the mouth after being dominated in Game 7. Another Game 7 against the Blues meant hope for a different outcome and revenge later.

The Stars missed the playoffs in 2017 and 2018. A wildcard berth meant the Stars had work to do in 2019. Another date with the Blues in the Second Round presented itself after a Game 6 overtime win to eliminate the Nashville Predators. Coming home for Game 6 with a 3-2 series lead meant the opportunity arose to send the team to the Western Conference at home. That loss happened, meaning a Game 7 in St. Louis. Ben Bishop stood on his head trying to get the Stars past the Second Round. The Blues heavily outshot the Stars 54-30, and Pat Maroon ended the Stars’ season in double overtime. This became the first of many playoff losses in the years to come.

2000 and 2020 Stanley Cup Final

Mike Modano gave the team hope when he scored the triple overtime-winning goal in Game 5 of the 2000 Stanley Cup Final. Jason Arnott dashed their dreams of a title defense in Game 6. The New Jersey Devils ended the Stars’ title run with a double overtime victory to begin a 20-year drought for the Stars in the Stanley Cup Final. The miracle run the Stars went on in 2020 brought many fans hope during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. Losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 6 via a shutout wasn’t the worst loss of the series.

Game 4s in a playoff series are practically a must-win for any team down either 1-2 or 0-3. The Stars held a 2-0 lead in Game 4 but a back-and-forth affair found the two clubs in overtime. Kevin Shattenkirk gave the Lightning a 3-1 series that all but sealed the fate of the Stars, as they couldn’t come back from this deficit. Working hard and getting this close stung for a while, but the Stars got more opportunities.


The Stars entered the season with a heavy purpose. Winning the coveted Stanley Cup for the 2nd time in this franchise is something 25+ years in the making. Game 6 ended all hope for a title despite outshooting the Oilers 35-10.

Dropping three straight games in the Western Conference Final means the Oilers are now fighting for the Stanley Cup, albeit down 2-3. This loss is the freshest wound of the many they’ve taken.

The Stars will win another Stanley Cup someday. It’s up to these losses to fuel the spark.
The Stars have a busy offseason ahead of them, and they must make many choices to restore this franchise to its glory.

PHOTO: Dallas Stars

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