Trends matter in sports.
When you look at the 2024 Rangers, you can’t help but see a trend.

The Rangers just finished a 2-4 road trip in which they were outscored 35 – 13. Take away the Dodgers 15 -2 thrashing; they were still outscored 20-11.

As far as looking at trends, the Rangers are trending in the wrong direction.

After a World Series Championship in 2023, they appear to have a World Series Hangover.

I’ve been saying all season that the slump is nothing to worry about, but I now believe I may have been wrong on that. This team has no drive to win.

Sure, some players have been driven to win, but the team as a whole seems content to swing away and sit back down. I’ve watched a lot of baseball in my day, and I don’t see much hope at the moment.

Doom and Gloom

The Rangers rank 11 out of 15 in the American League for offense production. They’re 9th in runs, RBI, average and 11th in homers and slugging. Compare that to 2023, when they led in almost every offensive category.

Corey Seager and Marcus Semien are having decent seasons now. Others are not, including Adolis Garcia.

Josh Smith has been the breakout player of 2024, but Josh Jung will be back soon. It will be interesting to see what happens to Smith after that.

All I can say about the rest of the offense is that it does not excite the imagination when they are at the plate.

The Rangers miss Mitch Garver and Josh Jung. The team cannot seem to hit with runners in scoring position. Fielding has not been the best, either. It could definitely be worse, but it has also not been at its best.

Could this offense come around? Certainly, but trends are trends for a reason, and the 2024 trend says they will not.

The Bright Side

Pitching has been (overall) good in 2024. The starting rotation, in particular, has been good enough to win at least 10-12 more games.

The bullpen has had some hiccups but has been decent most of the season. Where would this team be without Kirby Yates and David Robertson?

With the return of Max Scherzer being close and Nathan Eovaldi looking back to full health, the rotation should only get stronger. In turn, that should strengthen the bullpen with the possibility of pitchers like Andrew Heaney moving to the pen.

It’s not all doom and gloom, but behind behind by 8.5 games in the middle of June is also not ideal.

The Rangers have work to do. They need a right-handed power bat. They need some bullpen help.

They need to hit with runners in scoring position and steal bases (which they have started doing with some urgency).

All hope is not lost, but the trends tell us that the Rangers are headed in the wrong direction.
The next four weeks will tell us a lot about who this team is for the remainder of the 2024 season.

PHOTO: Texas Rangers

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