The Texas Rangers cavalry is on its way. Max Scherzer had a successful rehab start. Tyler Mahle is progressing as expected. Jacob deGrom is also progressing nicely.
Josh Jung and Evan Carter should return in a few weeks, and Corey Seager should return on Tuesday.

The Rangers are hovering around .500 at the moment. They are losing series left and right and dropping further behind the Mariners.

With the cavalry on the way, can the Rangers still win the division and make the postseason, even with their rough start?

The short answer is yes; the long answer is this post.

Pitching is Not the Issue

The Rangers starting rotation has been nothing short of brilliant. Unexpected starters like Jose Urena have been toeing the line.

Overall, the Rangers’ ERA is 3.83, according to StatMuse. The team has lost 14 games this season when the pitching staff has allowed 4 or fewer runs in a game. That points to a lack of offense.

When Scherzer, Mahle, and deGrom return, there is no guarantee they will be better than the current rotation. If they continue what the rotation has been doing, that would be enough if the offense can hit.

Jon Gray, Nathan Eovaldi, Andrew Heaney, Dane Dunning, and Jose Urena have done better than anyone could have asked of them. It’s time for the offense to pick them up.

The (Lack of) Offense

The Rangers are scoring what seems to be less than 1 run per game right now. They have been shut out too many times, or at least only scored 1 run.

Who knew that missing Josh Jung was such a big deal? The Rangers are a completely different team when he is on the diamond.

If Evan Carter plays like he is capable, they are also a better team. Corey Seager started slowly without spring training, and it slowed the offense down.

Adolis Garcia is sometimes swinging at anything thrown. The offense is better than it has been in the first 60+ games.

Part of the championship 2023 team was the best offense in baseball. They still have that potential, but they are not reaching it. They are not even close.

Is it Too Late?

I do not think it is too late for this team to win the West and make another deep postseason run. I also don’t think the cavalry is the answer; it’s producing with who they have.

The defense and pitching are great, but the offense is mediocre at best. I think Josh Jung’s return is bigger than Scherzer and deGrom’s. Maybe I’m crazy, but that is how I see it.

There are still around 100 games to be played.
If you have counted the Rangers out, you don’t know Bruce Bochy. He has won the World Series with fewer teams in San Francisco.

PHOTO: Texas Rangers

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