Since its relocation to Dallas from Minneapolis in 1993, the Dallas Stars have been known for their solid goaltending for many years.

Ed Belfour has been Dallas’ best goaltender thus far, compared to Marty Turco, Ben Bishop, and Anton Khudobin.

Like Turco, Otter came straight from the draft.

Plays in Both Seasons

Oettinger isn’t just good during the regular season. His game translates to both seasons that he plays. This is a mark of great goaltending, just like Belfour during his time in Dallas and throughout his NHL career.

Speaking of playing well in both phases of the year, Oettinger’s best during the regular season came in the spring, leaving injury and inconsistencies in the rearview mirror come April.

“It’s been a tough year at some points,” Oettinger said.

“I learned a lot about myself and the people around me that are there for me. Our goalie coach, Jeff Reese, and other goalie coaches that I have believe in me wholeheartedly. They helped me through those tough times, and I think the people close to me believed I could turn my game around and get it to where it is now. I’m just proud of how I finished the season and thankful for the people who really believed I could get here when some people didn’t think I was going to.”

Mental Game

To be a strong goalie, you need a strong mind; losses are inevitable. But it’s better to win the war than to fret over losing a battle.

Oettinger, who also plays golf, applies what he learns on the green and translates it to the ice.

“It’s a great lesson,” Oettinger said earlier in the playoffs.

“You have to always be focused on the next shot. You can’t let what has happened affect how you’re playing. You have to put it in the past.”

Athletes who play multiple sports benefit mentally and physically. Even if one of those sports is simply a hobby, the self-improvements manifest through performance.

From sharpening the mind to enduring long NHL seasons, Oettinger showcases strength inside and out yearly.

Don’t Sweat Current Adversities

With the Edmonton Oilers’ shellacking of the Stars game five on May 31st, you cannot blame Oettinger for the five guys in front of him for getting outworked. The greatest of goalies often lose games when the opposing team is that much better. As great as Belfour was, he even found himself on the losing end like that many times.

Regardless of how this series vs the Oilers goes, Otter and the Stars’ championship window is far from closed. With the young core that includes Oettinger, Jake has plenty of time to demonstrate his brilliance in the net and one day get his name engraved on the Stanley Cup.

Dallas franchise records in the net are inevitable for Oettinger as well.
Given the great numbers Otter puts up yearly, he’s on pace to see his name amongst the Stars’ all-time records in more than one statistic.

PHOTO: Dallas Stars

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