The Texas Rangers are coming off a 2023 season where they won the World Series. Fans got to experience being the last team standing for the first time ever.
The first third of the season began with a bang as the Rangers looked poised to defend their title. They spent most of the time in first place or right outside of it.

Injuries and slumps affected the team, as they hovered around the .500 mark for much of May.

Then, they had a five-game winning streak, and everything seemed okay.

What fans didn’t expect was the giant slump the offense and bullpen would hit in late May.

Since taking 3 out of 4 from Oakland May 6-8, Texas has lost every series and was swept twice.

Part of the Problem

The Rangers bullpen has a 5.09 ERA on the season, but it is over 7 in May. Key injuries to Josh Sporz and others have affected it.

Jose LeClerc is hit and miss, Jonathan Hernandez has been a disaster, and the rest of the team, outside of David Robertson and Kirby Yates, has been dreadful.

The offense was amazing in 2023 and has been lethargic at best. Corey Seager seems to be coming around, and Adolis Garcia is hitting homers again.

The power void left by Josh Jung has been very obvious. While Josh Smith has done a great job, the power just isn’t there.

So, the Rangers limp into the second third of the season with a record of 25-29. Fortunately, the American League West has been bad, and they are only three games out of first place.

The Astros are hot on the Rangers’ tail, only a half-game behind.

Injury Bug

The injuries are substantial. Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer, Cody Bradford, Nathan Eovaldi, Jon Gray, Tyler Mahle, Josh Jung, Wyatt Langford and Justin Foscue.

Evan Carter, Nathaniel Lowe, and others’ ineffectiveness has not helped. Can this team recover? Certainly. Will they recover? I guess we will see.

The Race for the West

The Rangers are still in the hunt to win the American League West. History tells us that they will recover and start scoring runs.

We also know the bullpen will be better than it has been. The Rangers are still the defending champs until someone dethrones them.

There are still 110 games to go for the Texas Rangers. Even though the first third didn’t go as planned, the remainder of the season is yet to be written.

Don’t lose all hope, Rangers fans.
If we learned anything from 2023, it is that a Bruce Bochy team is never really out of contention!


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