The Rangers were swept by the 9-28 Colorado Rockies over the weekend.
While not ideal, it also doesn’t spell the end of times.

The Rockies are a professional baseball team that got in a funk early. The Rangers will also go through several funks during the season.

It’s easy to overreact to a series like the one we all just witnessed. The Rangers currently have 13 players on the injured list, including 6 starting pitchers.

The Texas team has spent the first thirty-plus games of the season hovering around .500 and hovering around first place.

The Mariners are not exactly running away with the division.

Looking at the problem quickly shows you that starting pitching is not the issue. The starter ERA is hovering around 3.30. Texas starters gave up just 5 earned runs in the series. You should, at the least, win a series where your starters gave up 5 earned runs.

The offense has gone cold several times this season. The Rangers are missing Josh Jung and Wyatt Langford in the everyday lineup. The Rangers’ offense jumped on Oakland for 35 runs in four games. The offense is good, but it cannot always be good.

The series with Colorado came at the end of a long road trip in which the team lost 2 starting pitchers.  And they still pitched well.

The defense was sloppy, again a byproduct of being tired. We all have bad days at work; theirs just happens to be on television where we can all see them.

“It’s hard to explain how you come to Colorado and not swing the bats better than we did,” Bruce Bochy said to the media after Sunday’s game.

“It’s never fun to get swept.”

I think back to the end of the 2023 regular season. The Rangers limped to the finish line. They struggled, even losing the division on the last day of the season.

But they played hard and won when they had to. They are the defending champions despite the bad play finishing up the regular season.

Funks happen to every team.

The Rangers will come out of it and be just fine. The team is too good not to.

Will they win another World Series in 2024? No team has won back-to-back in a very long time.

The odds are against them, but they are doing what they have to stay in contention. When all is said and done, I believe they will be in the postseason.

They have a good chance of making a deep run again. They have the offense and the pitching.

Fans need to remember that streaks happen: good streaks and bad streaks.


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