Game Four is pivotal in a seven-game series. During their playoff run last year, the Dallas Stars came out of Game Four tied 2-2 twice and down 3-1 once.
They look to turn the series around tonight

How Important is Game 4 Statistically? 

Game Four has the most outcomes after completion during a playoff series. There are three to be exact: 2-2, 3-1, or 4-0. If a team is up 3-0, it is very likely that they will win the series, as the opposing team needs to win four straight games while the team ahead needs to win one out of four, or 25%, of the next four games. That is a lot easier than requiring a 100% win rate to advance. 

A team that wins Game Four after being down 2-1 grabs momentum in the series. They can take charge and win by claiming two more victories consecutively or achieving victory in two out of three. That’s the predicament the Stars find themselves in. This is the result Dallas is looking for as they enter tonight down by one game. 

All signs point to the Stars, if not winning, at least putting up an impressive fight tonight, much like they did in Game Three. Head coach Pete DeBoer shuffled the lines following significant injuries, and the club responded.  

“The game is all about adjustments, game to game in these playoff series,” DeBoer said.  

Of course, the third and final outcome of Game Four in a best-of-seven series is that one team is named the victor.
Dallas isn’t able to claim a season series over the Vegas Golden Knights like that, but tonight is a great opportunity to take control of the matchup. 


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