Urgency becomes more prevalent whenever a playoff series goes the distance.
The early part of the series, in Games 1 and 2, sets the tone for the following games.

Teams want to win one or both of the first two games in a playoff series. The Dallas Stars have not done that. What began as high hopes turned sour after the first 120 minutes of this first-round playoff series. The Stars are now in a 0-2 hole after dropping the first two games to the Vegas Golden Knights.

Desperation mode is now activated.

The Stars must now win the next four out of five games to avoid a disastrous First Round exit in this year’s playoffs. Entering the playoffs as the #1 seed in the conference doesn’t always guarantee success but this Stars team seemed on a warpath to greatness.

Now, the Stars have a mountain to climb. Can they come back?

Games 1 and 2

Games 1 and 2 provided entertaining, nail-biting hockey that effectively ended in one-goal games. Vegas scored on the empty net in Game 2 to seal a crippling death blow to home-ice advantage. Vegas got their series off right with a three-goal 1st period in Game 1. Jamie Benn started off the Stars scoring in the series. Time ran out on the Stars in both games as they lost 3-4 and 1-3, respectively.

The pace of play is not lacking. Both teams are throwing the body around. The two squads delivered 86 hits in Game 1 and 108 hits in Game 2. Leaving Dallas after dropping Games 1 and 2 isn’t ideal, but the Stars still have time to turn things around. Losing the first two at home means they must provide on the road.

Games 3 and 4

Games 3 and 4 are the middle points of a series. They provide teams with an opportunity to answer after the first two games. Each of these games is a must-win for the Stars. They cannot afford to go down 0-3 (again) or 1-3. The Stars are the best road team in the NHL this season for a reason. Their road play this season is the best in team history. Their 26-10-5 road record means they can accomplish the job away from the American Airlines Center.

There is a 2-day break between Games 2 and 3 for travel, so there is plenty of time to regain their bearings. Taking things one game at a time is pivotal. Managing a 1-2 deficit rather than an 0-3 is easier.

Vegas is a tough team to play. They are the defending Stanley Cup Champions, so their experience is proving difficult. The Stars are also a high-caliber team with lots to prove.
These two teams will clash at least two more times. Now we get to see a Stars team with their backs against the wall.

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