Scouts described Thomas Harley ahead of the 2019 NHL Entry Draft as “effortless,” “mobile” and “efficient.”
Five years later, Harley is proving them right. 

Harley Seized His Opportunity

The Dallas Stars might not be where they are in standings – nor in confidence level – without Harley’s incredible ascension. 

At the beginning of the season, Harley was learning the NHL game all over again: the pace, the little details, and the dedication necessary on and off the ice (Harley previously appeared in 34 NHL contests during the 2021-2022 season). He collected six total points through October and November. Another way to look at it: six points in 18 games. He added six more in December. Then, January came. An unfortunate injury to Miro Heiskanen on Jan. 4 opened the door for Harley to break through, and he kicked it wide open.

Since posting 17 points in the first 32 games, the blueliner has added 30 points in 46 games, drawing his season totals to 15 goals and 32 assists for 47 points across 78 games. He plays alongside Heiskanen on the top pairing. Together, they have 101 points and are +36. 

Harley Learned From the Wedgewood Family

For any young player in the league, getting accustomed as a full-time NHLer and balancing the trials and tribulations of adulthood can be a daunting task.

Harley isn’t a naturally outspoken individual, but that doesn’t mean he can’t deliver a witty response.

His dry sense of humor has impressed teammates, especially Scott Wedgewood. 

“He’s one of this guys you gotta go talk to him, but once you get him going, he’s funny,” Wedgewood told Defending Big D Managing Editor Taylor Baird.

Via Instagram, Wedgewood and Harley have been known to golf together, and Harley has been a regular guest at Wedgewood dinners.

Wedgewood’s wife, Brittany, “likes to give him crap and joke with him a little bit,” all in good fun.

Harley doesn’t seem to mind, and he’ll Snapchat a dinner he made himself to Scott on occasion.

“Either because he’s proud of himself, or he’s proving to me that he’s eating food. It’s like, ‘hey you didn’t cook me dinner, so I’m going to prove that I made it myself,’” Wedgewood said. 

He’ll also reach out when he needs advice on day-to-day adulting tasks.

“Being young in the league, it’s nice that he trusts me enough to make those calls and ask those questions, but it’s funny from my side at times,” Wedgewood said.  

Harley will face a new challenge soon: playoff hockey as the top seed in the West.

Photo: CBS Sports

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