Depth scoring makes or breaks hockey teams.
You must get production from other guys not on the top line as they make up about 73% of the ice time in games.

The Dallas Stars are having one of the best years in franchise history. Their magic number to clinch the Central Division is now down to 2.

Any Stars win secures the division in the next 3 games or Colorado not gaining at least 5/6 points and Winnipeg not gaining at least 7/8.

The depth scoring from the Stars is what got them in this position. 8 Stars players recorded over 20 goals this season, a franchise record. Robertson, Pavelski, and Hintz accounted for around 30-40% of team scoring for the last several years.

The Stars are going to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and everyone will contribute if they are successful.

Depth Scoring

Depth scoring is why the team is at 109 points. Johnston, Hintz, Robertson, Pavelski, Duchene, Seguin, Benn, and Marchment all have at least 20 goals each. This is a big reason why the Stars are at a +64 goal differential, the best in the league. Even players who are not putting up a lot of points are still producing at least a +10 in the +/- department. All but one player recorded at least 10 points, with the last one having 3 games to record a point, so they all made it.

We expected at least 20 goals from players like Hintz and Johnston, but a surprise is Marchment. Mason Marchment has never recorded 20 goals in a season before. He is part of this potent offense and is looking to do damage in the playoffs.

Final Race

With 3 games left, the Stars are looking for more than the Central Division. They hold a 4-point lead over the Vancouver Canuck for the best record in the Western Conference. The magic number for home ice in their entire Western Conference playoffs is 3. Their 50-20-9 record will cement them as one of the franchise’s best teams, even with 3 games to go. A Presidents’ Trophy is a magnificent accomplishment.

The Stars just need to beat all other teams in points, which is entirely possible. They are one point behind the leading New York Rangers with equal games played. The Stars won the Stanley Cup when they last secured a Presidents’ Trophy. The best record in the league doesn’t correlate to playoff success but is a great stamp on the regular season.

This great season is missing one thing. The Stars have been searching for the team to take them to the Stanley Cup for 25 years now.
This team is lethal, but will they shine when the time comes? The Stars are ready for the playoffs, and this offense is ready to unleash a spark to take them all the way to a Stanley Cup.

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