While teams like the New York Rangers, Colorado Avalanche, and Boston Bruins are grabbing most of the headlines, another team doesn’t match that mainstream attention.

Sure, the Dallas Stars are talked about a bit more often now since they’re currently leading the West.

If not for that and their franchise winning streak, we’d barely hear a whiff about Dallas.

The Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers, Vegas Golden Knights, and even the basement-dwelling Chicago Blackhawks, led by rookie Connor Bedard, gain the most attention out west.

While national attention inevitably gravitates more towards other teams, the Stars want to do one thing: win.


Teams that get the most media attention are the likes of the original six teams, like the Bruins and the Rangers.  As well a the more commercial driven teams led by two of the most iconic players of their generation.  Sidney Crosby’s Pittsburgh Penguins, or Alexander Ovechkin’s Washington Capitals.

To be honest, hockey in the South isn’t the same as it is up north, where there’s much more ice and snow. Naturally, the attention follows. Not that the weather differences have prevented Dallas from turning into the hockey town that it is to this day. Since the  990s, ice rinks and people playing hockey in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have continued to rise.

An eight-game winning streak is the franchise record. While it doesn’t quite match the 1993 Pittsburgh Penguins, the Stars are more concerned about winning 16 games after April 17th. It was still enough to push Dallas to two wins shy of the 50-win mark with five games left in the regular season.  A 50-win season this year would be the fifth time Dallas reaches that plateau.

Everybody’s Underrated

Not only does hockey in Texas get little mainstream attention, but so do its players. Miro Heisk nen, Roope Hintz, and arguably Jason Robertson do not get talked about a lot. Even when you have somebody like Wyatt Johnston, who leads the Stars in goals, the media would much rather talk about other guys, such as Cale Makar. He seems to be unanimously crowned the best defenseman for only his offensive skills.

Having a team that contributes across all forward and defensemen lines is another reason why nobody in Victory Green gets a lot of talk. There are no big gaps between the top point-getters in Dallas.

Team Discipline

Another reason why the Stars don’t grab many headlines is a coach’s favorite one. Dallas is the league’s least penalized team. There have been no major controversies this year, such as attempts to injure, blowups with the officials, or press conferences from anyone in Dallas.

Somebody like Brad Marchand of the Bruins makes headlines, too, beyond going to the penalty box and making the news weird.
Everybody playing in Dallas has been like machines on the ice. Playing a team game and getting results without spilling into the clickbait headlines.

Photo: canadatoday.news

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