Since the arrival of the current victory green color scheme and design we know today or even the Reebok takeover in 2007, many Stars fans have been hungry for the vintage look. Many Stars fans continue to hold onto their forest green and gold jerseys to this day or buy throwbacks on sites such as eBay.

This is not to say anything wrong with the team’s current design. The point is that the Stars have fans who like both looks. You can have your cake and eat it, like so many other NHL teams that embrace both the modern and the classics.

The Modano Statue

The latest reminder that the Stars cannot deny their roots was the unveiling of Stars legend Mike Modano. What are the colors of that bronze statue? Of course, it was the legendary green and gold with that cup-winning logo.

Imagine the uproar if that statue on Victory Plaza ignored that classic look. With a history that includes a Stanley Cup title, there’s no way you can totally phase out such an iconic color scheme and look.

I’m not saying that Stars’ owner, Tom Gaglardi, and the gang have something against the old look. But it’s clear that they’ve gone all in on the modern team colors. Most likely out of their own pride and trying to establish what they see as a strictly Dallas identity.

Opportunities to Make More Dough

Sars’ owner Tom Gaglardi seems to be against bringing back the gold from Dallas’ NHL roots. Since he took ownership in 2013, there hasn’t been a trace of it. He’s been all in on the victory green, silver, and black color scheme.

Back in 2021 and 2023, the NHL released reversed retros to recognize team and city histories and traditions. While Dallas mirrored the classic design for the retro jerseys, the forest green and gold were absent, showing that Gaglardi and the gang have zero interest in that shade of green and gold that came from Minnesota.

Why Not Incorporate the Gold?

For all the love for the vintage logo and colors, there’s no hate for the current design. The best-case scenario for the Stars is to keep the current home and roads for today’s Dallas fans. At the same time, bringing in the classic look and colors as an alternative for the older generation of Stars fans. You will also have fans on both sides of the isle happy.

For some reason, the Stars don’t seem interested in bringing back the gold with respect to this fabulous alternate. There will inevitably be logistics and other excuses Stars’ ownership could throw out to the public. However, the NHL is ultimately in the entertainment business. There’s no better way of entertaining the public than by giving your fans what they want.

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Next time the NHL releases league-wide reverse retros or something along those lines, Dallas should just go ahead and release a throwback jersey with that iconic color scheme and design.

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