SURPRISE, AZ – The backfields are a fascinating place to hang out at Spring Training. You never know who you will run into back there.

It reminded me of a rec-league softball complex. Fans and players were both milling around.

For instance, I decided to stay in Surprise yesterday and watch some prospects play, and among the prospects was Josh Jung.

I asked Josh if he was hitting in the AAA game, and he told me he was hitting in both. He also informed me he might strike out. Jung went back and forth between the two fields and hit.

He was there to swing. He wasn’t running the bases; he was seeing pitches and swinging the bat.

“I just need to get my timing back,” he told me. I was there for 5 of his at-bats, and each one looked better. He was swinging away, which is a good sign for the Rangers All-Star third baseman.

After some groundouts, strikeouts, and a walk, Josh connected with a homer in his 6th at bat.  Jose LeClerc also pitched in the AA game, just getting in some work, according to him. Cole Winn was standing outside the fence watching his teammates play as well.

Should you ever get the chance to go to spring training, I highly recommend it. The atmosphere is great, the weather is fantastic, and the access to players is like nowhere else.

Being here as a media member for the first time was a fantastic experience. I will be leaving this evening and heading back home with the bug to do this every year.

Other News From Camp

During the presser on Tuesday morning, Bochy told the media that decisions have not been made yet, but Jared Walsh has been impressive in camp. He is batting well and fighting for an infield spot on the roster.

Bochy was also asked about Josh Smith playing short and Duran at third, and he said that Duran would get the lion’s share of starting short with Seager out. He wants to make sure Smith is also ready.

Jack Leiter will pitch in a minor league game today. It is just to get his innings in, as LeClerc did on Monday. Bochy said not to read into that one way or the other as far as Leiter making the team.

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