Sprint Training Surprise, AZ – Saturday, March 9th, started like any other Saturday. I woke up, I got some coffee, and I read some Texas Rangers news.

It all changed after that. For the first time in my years of covering the team as a fan, blogger, and podcaster, I was headed to Surprise, Arizona, to cover some Spring Training.

I said goodbye to the family and got in the car for the trek to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. I live a few hours away, so It was early; my flight took off at 11:30.

If you live in Texas, you know I had to stop at Buc-ee’s on my way, where I had a nice brisket taco for my brunch. After some traffic woes in Dallas, I made it to the airport.

Parking was a nightmare, to no one’s surprise, and I thought I would miss my plane.

The DFW Airport

With the eternal check-in out of the way, I made my way through security and went to my gate with 45 minutes to spare! Life was good. We would arrive in Arizona at 1:15 pm. I would be a little late, but I would make the game.

The normal announcements were being made, but nothing much about our flight. 11:30 came and went, and we were still sitting.

As the clock struck noon, I realized I may not make the game after all. 12:15 followed, and still nothing. Finally, we started boarding at 12:20.

Instead of 1:15 pm, our projected time was now 2:30 pm. The game started at 1:05 pm.

The Plane

The flight wasn’t bad except for no Wi-Fi (because I wouldn’t pay for it). I made a friend from East Texas, and we had fun talking.

Spirit Airlines got me to my destination just fine, even if the plane was packed.

Landing and the Aftermath

I got off the airplane around 2:15, so I was thinking I would still have time to go and catch half the game. The rental car desk was a lifetime away from my gate, so I began the trek to get there.

I had to go up and down escalators, around things, and ride a sky-track before I finally arrived at the stop with the rental car places.

That is where the fun started. Around 140 people waited in line in front of me to pick up a rental car.

Manning, the desk was 3 clerks. It was not looking good for my first day covering.

A little over two hours later, I got to the counter and checked in, where the nice gentlemen informed me that there was another 45-minute wait to get my car.

Another line, here I come. As I sat down in my car for the first time around 5:30 pm, I was happy just to be sitting down.

The End

I made it to the hotel, checked in, ate some dinner, and went to the room for the night. Travel is always stressful and never all that fun, but I am glad to be in Surprise, covering Spring Training baseball for the first time! Hopefully, you will all enjoy our coverage.

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