Winning the Stanley Cup is everything the Dallas Stars are looking for. They need short-term goals in order to do that. One of those short-term goals is winning the Central Division for the regular season, securing a high probability of home-ice advantage for most of the playoffs. Odds-makers like the Stars, having them as the current odds-on favorite to win the Stanley Cup. Moneypuck has the Stars as favorites to win it all with a 12.1% chance as of now. This road trip is not panning out to expectation as they’ve already dropped the first two games. The up-and-down nature of this team is not advantageous long-term. Working out the problem now is critical as playoffs are coming up in a few months.

The Good

Scoring 7-8 goals is not out of the realm of possibility for this stacked offense. The best game of the season upped that mark to 9 against the Predators. The Stars played party poopers in Nashville as Matt Duchene dazzled in one of his returns to his former city. Scoring twice against his former team and then playing guitar at a team outing made Nashville a fun time. The Stars are currently on the largest losing streak of the season. They’ve still secured two points during this streak. Their longest losing streak in any fashion this season is the low number of three. Many teams dream of their longest losing streak being three, especially considering it’s late February. The Stars only hit this mark twice this season.

The Bad

The Stars are a hot and cold team. In one game they can score 9 goals while in the next only 1. They’re longest losing streak is 3 while the best winning streak is 4. They’re still not getting the job done past 60 minutes as they lead the division with 8 overtime/shootout losses. Playoffs in the NHL yield a high probability of games going to overtime. The Stars went 1-4 in last year’s playoffs. Seasons are won and last based on playoff overtime performance. Two straight overtime/shootout losses don’t help their case. A win the next game snaps the current losing streak or extends it to the longest streak of the season.

Great hockey teams have these down moments. The Stars only have two straight regulation losses once this season. Favorites to win the Stanley Cup has a nice ring to it. Up and down moments are common for NHL teams and the Stars are doing just that. March is approaching with even more critical moments of the season.

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