Monday February 19 was the first full day of workouts and Corey Seager was there at the complex following his sports hernia surgery back in late January.

After his two week checkup he told the media he is able to ramp up his cardio but cannot begin baseball activities yet.

Seager, the World Series MVP from 2023 was asked by media if he would be ready for opening day.

“I have no idea” Seager said. “I would like to say yes, but I try not to know what’s next.”

Seager helped lead the Rangers to their first ever World Series Championship in 2023, and would like nothing more than a repeat in 2024. The team is looking to have another solid squad in 2024.

Currently the left side of the infield is missing a starting 3rd baseman and a starting shortstop. The assumption is that we will see Ezequiel Duran, Josh Smith, Davis Wendzel and others take reps at 3rd and short during the absence of the two all-stars.

The Rangers are stacked with infielders in the minors with guys like Justin Foscue and Blain Crim to name a few. If they have to start the season without Corey Seager manning shortstop, I feel like they will still be okay.

We tend to forget what a great job Duran did in his absence in 2023.  Bruce Bochy has proved to Rangers fans that he can work a lineup with who he has available and win games.

My guess is that Seager will not be ready for opening day but it won’t be too long after that.

I think you will see him the second week of the season. There really is no need to rush him. This team is built to win in October and as long as they can tread water in April they will be fine.

The Astros and Mariners are both good. The Angels are, well, the Angels and the A’s will not be good at all again.

Seager showed in the post season that even injured he is one of the best hitters in baseball. I would personally get him 100% before I brought him into a game in 2024.

We are not far off from baseball being played again for the 2023 World Champions, and even though Corey Seager won’t be out there to start, there is a lot of optimism about the direction this franchise is headed.



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