Every NHL team finds success in several different ways. Many recipes to a successful hockey team is having some sort of an aged veteran still with gas left in the tank. The Dallas Stars have several of these veterans who are shaping the path for the future of this team. Players like Jamie Benn, Joe Pavelski, and Tyler Seguin are providing worlds of experience to the young players on the roster. Even new acquisition Matt Duchene is soaring up the team standings. These players provide a valuable amount of leadership. Only one thing is missing from most of these players. Their last goal is winning a Stanley Cup before the clock runs out.

Topping the Stats

Part of being an aged veteran is still netting up points like in the younger days. Some players are racking up even better stats in some cases. Joe Pavelski is a prime example of this. He is routinely in the top 5 of point scorers for the Stars ever since joining the team at age 35. At age 38, he recorded 8 goals in a single playoff series against the Seattle Kraken. Jamie Benn is also seeing a resurgence in his career. He finished 2nd on the team last season with 78 points. Tyler Seguin already has a Stanley Cup with the 2011 Boston Bruins in his rookie year. He’s been on the Stars for over a decade now and is still providing experience at 32 years old. These players are still recording points while helping younger players on their lines.

New Guy

The Nashville Predators bought out Matt Duchene’s contract during the Free Agency period in 2023. The Stars quickly pounced at the opportunity to sign him to a one-year deal worth $3 million. This deal is already well paid off as he is 2nd on the team in points with 52. He is already 4 points away from his last season’s point total with 20 fewer games played. 15 NHL seasons without a Stanley Cup has him joining several players on this team without one.

It is 25 years since the Stars last won a cup. Players like Joe Pavelski are rapidly running out of years in their careers. This Stars team is one of the favorites to win it all this year. Their veterans are playing a critical role in making this happen. It’s time for Pavelski and these other veterans to get their much-deserved Cup. We’ll soon find out where this team ends up.

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