Not only is hockey fun to watch in Dallas, it’s fun to watch down in Austin too. The Texas Stars are playing well, and giving their fans a bang for their buck. Texas has put the American Hockey League on notice with their wins, scoring, and league wide recognition.

Stankoven and Bourque

Having the top two points getters in your team makes for some entertaining hockey. It also gives your team a competitive advantage. It helps that the parent club being so deep at the forward position that the guys stay on the roster. Though the guys will get their chance in the NHL. Just as Thomas Harley most recently did.

Heading into tonight’s tilt vs the central division, and western conference leading Milwaukee Admirals the Stars have the top two points getters in all of the league. Stankoven with 52 points, and Bourque with 50. Tonight, Texas is looking for some highlight reel action from those two as they hope to climb up the division standings.

In a playoff spot

Like the parent club in Dallas, Texas occupies a playoff spot right now. Their lead over the fifth ranked Chicago Wolves is by 10 points. While they’re up 12 points over sixth ranked Iowa Wild. All in the central division. Definitely looking doubling the fun for playoff hockey in the Lonestar State.

In the AHL, you’re a playoff team if you are in the top five in the central division. Here is a breakdown of the league’s playoff format. Because it gets pretty wild, and can be difficult to keep up on due to the unique bracket.

4 All Stars

As opposed to the NHL, the AHL voters showed some love for the team down in Austin. Joining Stankoven, and Bourque at the event was Matej Blumel. Two centers, and a right winger. It’s also worth noting that unlike the NHL, they don’t have a rule to have (at least) one player per team. So three selections is even more impressive. Also impressive was the showing of victory green in the skills competition.

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During the all-star weekend, the boys from Austin put on a show while their head coach Neil Graham coached the central team too. While the central team lost to team pacific in the first round, the contests prior to the tournament saw Stankoven, Bourque, and Blumel impressed.

Featured photo: Tim Garland

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