This weekend, the NHL celebrates it’s annual all star game weekend. Where the voted best players get together, and in divisional rival get together to compete vs other divisional foes. For the Dallas Stars, that injury report states none. It’s the best thing a competing team could ask for.

Health first

One can talk about who’s playing well, and who needs to be better. Talking about trades come March 1st is fine. But a player isn’t at his best, or sometimes not even in the lineup when they’re not healthy. When breaking down a player’s asset to the team his health always comes first.

Having zero injuries in the roster is a luxury the the Stars have, and every team wants. From the Detroit Red Wings to the Vegas Golden Knights, some teams get bit harder by the injury bug than others.

Key to consistently

Throughout the year, the Stars have been in the top three of the central all year. Even with a few inevitable injuries, Dallas has had the horse power all year. For a more recent time to remind yourself how important it is for the Stars to have a fully loaded roster, look no further than 2021 or even 2018.

With a healthy roster all year you get production needed to win nightly. Depth scoring, penalty killing, and timely goal scoring to name a few things. The Stars have held their own all year even in the NHL’s most competitive division.

Take that luck every time

If we take a look around the league, you’ll see teams who have suffered in the standings due to the injury bug. Most notably the New Jersey Devils who are out of a playoff spot. Even with teams who currently occupy a playoff spot such as the Detroit Red Wings.

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While fans, and commentators throw out nods on what the Stars have the most important thing going for them right now. And with past years where injuries limited Dallas to only 82 games, if luck is a factor this year they’ll take it every time. We would also take a healthy roster heading into June as well.

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