Hockey is on pause until next week while the NHL All-Star Game occurs. There is no Dallas Stars hockey to pass the time but reminiscing about franchise history is the way to go. This franchise has lots of happy memories in games from the Stanley Cup title in 1999 to countless recent victories. One part of having all these pleasant memories is also owning the other end of the spectrum. Where triumphs occur must also mean the tribulations that come along with it. Sports pain is an old friend to Stars fans. Trips down memory lane are not always pleasant. Eliminations from the playoffs follow 15 teams each year and the Stars have been one of those teams several times. While these eliminations are not always pleasant memories, Stars fans must endure until the team secures another Stanley Cup. That Stanley Cup is approaching but endurance until then is critical.

2000 Stanley Cup Final Game 6

3-1 series deficits are not in your favor the majority of the time. That’s the position the Stars were in against the New Jersey Devils in the 2000 Stanley Cup Final. Mike Modano netted the triple-overtime victory in Game 5 to avoid elimination in the quest for a Cup repeat. The Stars had high hopes coming back home for Game 6. Hopes became desolate in double overtime when future Stars player Jason Arnott ended the season, securing the title for the Devils. It would be a long time before the Stars returned.

2008 Western Conference Final Game 6

Just like 3-1 deficits, 3-0 deficits are almost impossible to come back from. The Stars made a series out of the 2008 Western Conference Final against the Detroit Red Wings. This was a good run during that time but the implications of this game make this one heartbreaking. This would be the last dance for this generation of Stars team. Players like Mike Modano, Jere Lehtinen, and Marty Turco would go off to other teams, eventually calling it a career. The Stars held onto much of the 1999 Stanley Cup-winning team throughout the 2000s. This was ultimately their last chance at securing another title.

2019 Second Round Game 7

Stars fans caught a glimpse of future excellence in this wild-card team. Few expected the Stars to make a splash in these playoffs. They won the series against the Nashville Predators and then faced off against the familiar St. Louis Blues. The Stars were so close to the Western Conference Final. Coming back home with a 3-2 series lead skyrocketed hopes that were dashed after a marathon Game 7. Most Stars fans can only handle watching Pat Maroon’s double-overtime goal once. What’s the fly in the ointment is the hated rival Blues went on to win the Stanley Cup after this.

2020 Stanley Cup Final Game 6

2020 will be one of the most infamous years of our lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic turned everyone’s world upside down. This was prevalent in the sports world as well. The Stars reached the Stanley Cup Final, in September. While the Stars spent so long in the bubble they still gave us quite the show even falling two games short. This gave us a preview of the years to follow. The Stars will win another Stanley Cup eventually.

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