Jake Oettinger will represent the Dallas Stars in the NHL All-Star Game. The All-Star break is the perfect time for teams to get some rest and recuperation. This is great for the Stars are they are about to embark on a tough road schedule in February. Nine out of 13 games are on the road for the month. That same number of games are also against Eastern Conference opponents. They will not stay in the same city for two games during the entire month, hopping back and forth all the way. This month will show how good they are as the division race is heating up in the 2nd half of the season.

Road Trip

The Stars will head to the far east coast after the All-Star break for three games. Lots of travel miles are coming up, especially with a Montreal > Dallas > Nashville > Dallas > Boston swing. There are only four home games all month but each is sandwiched by two road games. This road swing will show what they are made of. This team plays better on the road than at home, boasting a 14-5-4 away record. This road trip is not easy but this team is ready for it.

Against the East

9/13 games this month are also against Eastern Conference teams. The Stars play each team in the league a minimum of twice per season. They’ll finish the season series against most of these teams. They’ll also start the season series against Buffalo and Carolina. They’ll hop around the east coast for a while, entering eastern Canada twice. Two of the home games are against Carolina and the NY Islanders. They’ll go from New York City > Ottawa > to Carolina. They will have two games in two days on both of those road trips. This stretch is tough but this is a good team.

The Stars are only three points behind the Jets for first in the division. Good road teams will thrive and the Stars have lots of away games coming up with most of them against the Eastern Conference. The Stars are in prime position for a playoff spot but just making the playoffs is not enough. The goal is to not just play two games against one of the Eastern Conference teams coming up on the schedule but four to seven additional games against one of them.

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