Something has become a yearly occurrence for the Dallas Stars; having only one of their guys representing the team, and the central division in the NHL all-star game. Since 2019, NHL fans have only sent one Star player per year to the event.

Bigger goals

For a team looking to make the playoffs for three consecutive seasons, and having fell two games short of reaching the Stanley Cup Finals last year there are bigger fish to fry. So far Dallas is doing many things right to contend in the west. Most importantly they have a sizable lead for third in the central division right now. Which is an automatic playoff berth.

Having solid special teams play is important because you seal up problem with a man in the box (no pun intended for Alice In Chains fans), and when you got the man advantage. Scoring, and goaltending is where it should be to make another deep playoff run, too.

Bigger problems

National attention isn’t even one of Dallas’s biggest problems. Stars fans know better than to care. And if that following brought you Stanley Cups, then the Toronto Maple Leafs would be a dynasty. Needless to say that’s not how the world works.

There are a few areas of concern for last year’s western conference runner ups. Notably defense, and turnovers. Too many times this season, Stars mishandling pucks have ended up in the back of their net. Miro Heiskanen is the best pure defenseman in the game today, and he’s still out with a lower body injury. Team defense which already has it’s problems has suffered from it as well.

Another big problem the Stars want to shake off is giving up the first goal more often than not. While comeback wins are fun, come postseason the lesser your chances of getting out of a playoff round become. Teams who score first have more success. The odds are greater when you face the same team four to seven times straight.

The ASG jerseys are ugly

While we touched on more pressing concerns for 2024, these jerseys will not be remembered well by most people. No matter your opinion on Justin Bieber (who’s a lifelong Toronto Maple Leafs fan), the jerseys are forgettable. It was the NHL trying to be as commercial, and “fun” as they could only to wind up looking shallow and childish.

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So only Oettinger will be playing in the league’s weak attempt at being modern, and hip of a jersey. While fans should be happy for otter for being an all-star, it’s good for him to have his moment.

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