Three straight losses to start the year sent the Dallas Stars down the standings. Just one point in three games plummets the former division-leading Stars down to 3rd place. It doesn’t help that one of those losses helped the Colorado Avalanche past the Stars. Now the Stars are seven points behind the Winnipeg Jets who are on a seven-game win streak. The Stars did not play poorly during this streak, losing each game by one goal. This losing streak is an outlier on an otherwise successful season. The ship got on the right course with a shutout win in Minnesota Monday night. There is lots of work to do to get back to the top.

Losing Streak

Starting off the new year wrong against the Canadiens started the standings tumble. A 4-1 lead proved too much to come back from in a 4-3 loss. There are bright spots in this losing streak like making a game out of this one and gaining a point from the next game. The Avalanche leap-frogged the Stars thanks to a big win in Dallas. The Stars stole a point from them but an overtime winner from the Avalanche hurt. Two games in hand with a four-point difference need making up. Too little too late is the motto of this streak. Showing flashes of brilliance down 0-2 to tie the game did nothing to solve a bad 3rd period against Nashville. The last game of this losing streak ended up a 4-3 win for the Predators.

Silver Lining

There are things to work on but the recipe for success is still there despite not ending in the Stars’ favor. The Stars have not lost a game by more than a goal since December 9th, over a month ago. Tertiary goalie Matt Murray recorded his first career shutout Monday night in Minnesota. Jake Oettinger is also returning soon. More players like Tyler Seguin are getting their scoring touch back. This mini-losing streak is not the end of the world but it does hurt.

The Stars are now seven points behind the Jets with half a season remaining. A winning streak will counteract this losing streak. Three losses in a row is the longest losing streak all season. Even with one of those games as an overtime loss, there are lots of teams that cannot say their longest losing streak is three games or less. Great hockey teams will have low points like this so it’s nothing to fret about. The Stars have their work cut out for them.

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