2023 was a good year to be a Texas Rangers fan. From the introduction of Jacob deGrom in spring training to winning the World Series, it was a good season for the club. The best ever.

The whole season wasn’t a dream. There were some rough patches. There was some disappointment.

Lets look at a few of the best and worst moments of 2023.

Hot Start:

The Rangers started hot in 2023. They finished the month of April with a record of 17-11, and the in May they went 18-9, for an overall record of 35-20.

The offense was rocking and the pitching was good. The bullpen was amazing the first few weeks of the season as well.

Rangers fans had hope that this team could be good.

Injury and Dane Dunning

The Jacob deGrom injury and Tommy John hit us in June and fans began losing hope. Depth for starting pitching didn’t look

Dane Dunning came in from the bullpen to take deGrom’s place and was incredible.

To me he was one of the highlights of the season. He secured that spot in the rotation and won pitcher of the year for the Rangers.

The other injury was Corey Seager and Ezequiel Duran stepped in and played some great short stop.

Also, it can’t be forgotten how good Travis Jankowski did all year as well.

The Astro Debacle and Losing the Division

The Astros came to town and destroyed the Rangers in a 3 game series and fans believed that the season was over.

It was an embarrassment at home. The Rangers played bad the rest of the way, just barely staying above .500.

The season ended with a loss and the Astros won the division on game 162. The Rangers had to fly across the country for the Wild Card.

The Recovery

The Rangers went to Tampa, Baltimore, and Houston and never lot a road game. The team, after looking down and out, advanced to their first World Series in 12 years.

Rangers fans had hope, and the biggest home run in Rangers history (Corey Seager, 9th inning game 1) gave them more hope.

The Rangers finished the season with a championship, and fans could finally forget the heartbreak of 2011.

The rest of the year has been bliss, and now Rangers fans want more.

Hopefully the team can deliver!

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