Christmas is around the corner, and with it comes glad tidings and holiday cheer. Wish lists abound to spread holiday cheer to your loved ones. The Dallas Stars and their fan base can agree on a couple of things the team needs on their Christmas list. Some things are much more manageable and realistic than others. Joe Pavelski can’t be 10 years younger even though all of us would like that. The number one thing on each list is a Stanley Cup. While some other things are on the list, the Christmas break is the point of the season when teams begin to hunker down.

Pavelski to Be 10 Years Younger

Joe Pavelski already achieved legend status in Stars’ lore, continuously leading the team in points year after year. The ageless wonder is possibly in his final year of a Hall of Fame career. Stars fans would like to replicate him and make his age 10 years younger. He is one of those rare players that comes along and makes everything work. The team is better with him on it and he is yet again leading the team in points this season with 29 in 30 games. Those 30 games played mean this season is no longer in its infancy.

More Banners

We are now 30 games into the Stars’ season, quickly approaching the halfway mark. It’s an A+ season so far. The Stars lead the Division past the Avalanche, equaling them in points but with two games in hand. A Central Division Champions banner in the rafters of the American Airlines Center will last a long time into the future. One more banner wouldn’t hurt either. It will be 25 years since a Stanley Cup title before the Stars get their next chance. The one title in 1999 is now several generations ago. It’s time for another Stanley Cup and this team could win one if they stay healthy.

Staying Healthy

Jake Oettinger received an injury in the game against the Ottawa Senators. Major signs of injury came back negative but he is still on a week-to-week basis for return. Staying healthy is critical to the long-term success of this team. Physical healthiness is also not the only thing that needs to remain. Robertson is not having the same year as last season. He’s played every game but doesn’t seem as fresh on the ice as he once did. His 28 points in 30 games are not on the same pace as last year. Robertson will eventually get back to a point-per-game pace. Healthy point production from everyone is vital.

This season has a long way to go as we approach the Christmas break. There are 52 games left in the season so now we know where this team stands. Being first in the division is great but lots of hockey remains on the schedule. The aspirations are higher, especially with a legend like Joe Pavelski in the twilight of his career. All Stars fans can do now is add things to their Christmas wish list. Perhaps soon Stars fans can open Stanley Cup Champions gifts from under the tree.

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