Over the weekend the Los Angeles Dodgers spent a few dollars. 700 million be be exact. Lets put that in perspective shall we.

The Texas Rangers paid an All-Star and World Series Champion shortstop, and All-Star second baseman and one of the best pitchers in the world when healthy 685 million dollars combined.

There is no guarantee that Ohtani will pitch again. Even if he does, he may not be the same as he was.

The Dodgers now have the most overpaid DH in history.

Don’t get me wrong, he is the greatest player of our generation when he can pitch and hit, but as just a DH he is well overpaid.

My belief is that he will pitch again, and he will pitch well. That does nothing for you in 6 years when you’re paying your full time, oft injured DH at the twilight of his career $70 million a year.

While he would have been a nice shiny new toy, the Rangers won the World Series without him in 2023 and I don’t believe they need him to win another one.

With the Ohtani signing, two of the Rangers pieces from the World Series team have moved on.

Will Smith was signed by the Kansas City Royals and Austin Hedges is headed to the Guardians.

The Texas Rangers have added one bullpen arm so far, but they have more work to do.

I have faith in Chris Young and the front staff to put another competitive team on the field in 2024.

We should see the free agent market and the trade market heat up now that Ohtani has made his choice.

Josh Hader is still a possibility for the Rangers. They could bring back Mitch Garver and Jordan Montgomery.

They have the pieces to make pretty much any trade they want as well. This team should be good for a while.

We here at Dallas Sports Nation will keep you posted with everything happening in the trade and free agent market.

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