It’s all over social media, and articles across hockey internet. Has been for years. Seguin’s eight year, 78.8 million dollar contract has been chastised for years. But is it fair to say? Since that summer of 2018 we’ve seen the highs, and lows of Seguin and the team overall.

The infamous Jim Lites rant

Stars fans, and hockey fans in general all remember the rant of Stars’ president Jim Lites. Tearing into Seguin, and captain Jamie Benn over a lack of production during the 2018-19 season. Fresh off a couple frustrating seasons tensions boiled over, and fingers got pointed. Benn’s fair response to Lites’ criticism was “I don’t play for him” while Seguin had a more grounded answer.

During the controversy, Seguin was more focused on how he and the team can do better going forward. While also delivering a detached, professional message to the media. Later on during that 2019 season, the Stars would go onto make it to the playoffs.

Injuries deter play

When you get hurt and require surgery, naturally there’s some regression. As well as time before you get back up to speed. The biggest injury for Seguin came during the Stars’ 2020 Stanley Cup Finals run. A silver lining to the Stars missing the plàyoffs in the COVID shorted 2021 season was a chance for the bulk of Dallas’ roster to heal up. In particular Seguin, who only played three games that year. Which might as well of been his exhibition.

That off-season hip surgery was the biggest setback for Seguin in terms of health. It was also the biggest reminder that Seguin isn’t quite who he used to be on the ice. A bitter pill to swallow, but it doesn’t mean he should hang up his skates. During the 2022 season, Seguin found ways to adjust his game to what will make him most effective.

“That’s all I know how to do, is when things aren’t going a certain way, it’s ‘Okay, let’s grease it up. Let things go off you. Go to those dirty areas,’” he said. “I’m still trying to find that balance of muck-and-grinder and finding that fluid style to my game that I’ve had.”

While it can seem unfair to gauge an athlete on performance despite the injuries, it is the nature of the beast. Seguin has dealt with the adversity like a true professional.

Everything’s fine with number 91

With the production that Seguin has given, and the team around him the Stars are in a good spot. Even with the complaints about Seguin’s contract amount, the Stars were still able to piece together one of the most complete rosters in the NHL.

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With the Stars holding down a top three spot in the central, the teams biggest concern right now is their lack of wins vs the NHL’s best. Not Seguin’s contract. He’s been steady on offense, and is on pace with 18 points through 26 games to eclipse his point production from last season (21 goals, 29 assists for 50 points).

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