No NHL team will finish a season with an 82-0 or 0-82 record. Each team will ride cold and hot streaks throughout the year, often times weaved together. The Dallas Stars are on one of those roller coaster rides right now. Two widely different yields of results against the Tampa Bay Lightning cements the current run of the Stars. An 8-1 win followed by an 0-4 loss just proves the ride the Stars are currently on. You don’t know which Stars team will hit the ice. Several win streaks are behind them but the Stars are also on a run of three wins in eight games. This is not a losing streak with wins sprinkled in but the Stars have important games coming up in December.

Hot Streaks

Playoffs are in the future for the Stars. The boys in Victory Green are comfortably in second place in the Central Division. Multiple win streaks account for their 14-6-3 record in the young season. December is important for hockey because the season is already well underway. Wins are important in the division race with the Stars having multiple three or more-game streaks on the positive side. Scoring is no problem as the Stars already account for two games with eight goals in each game. Pavelski, Robertson, and Hintz led the way again with 66 combined points.

Cold Streak

The Stars seem in a rut lately. The Stars have three wins in the last eight games. Saying they are on a cold streak is sort of oxymoronic. Two of those five losses occurred in overtime, securing a point for the team in a league where a point can mean the difference between playoffs or not. The Stars put up eight against the Lightning at home on Saturday then turned around and lost in a shutout on Monday to the same team. The Stars bounce between home and the road for the upcoming Holiday season with hopes of adding more wins to the column in a tough division race.

The Stars held a sizable lead in two games on this cold streak. The Avalanche stormed back down 3-0 and won 6-3 while the Flames answered a 4-2 deficit with a 7-4 win. Talent fills this roster to the brim so this cold streak is unexpected to last. We’ve already seen many flashes of brilliance in this lineup. Expect the Stars to compete for the Central Division title as the season progresses. There are still 59 games left on the season so there is plenty of time to snap this cold streak.

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