One of the greatest honors a team can bestow for a legend was announced earlier this week. That announcement on Tuesday November 21st was for Mike Modano’s legacy to be carved in stone later this upcoming season. A rightful tribute for the best player in franchise history.

What took so long?!

While many critics would be right to point out that it’s been 14 years since Modano put on a Stars jersey, there have been obstacles and differences along the way. Back in 2010 when Modano last played for Dallas, the Stars were going through their share of financial troubles. The following season in 2011, Modano played his last NHL season with the Detroit Red Wings.

That last fact however, did not stop Modano from retiring as a Star. Pulling an Emmitt Smith like move, the Stars were able to make that deal with their longtime Star by taking a page out of the Dallas Cowboys’ playbook. It was an appropriate end for the hockey star player just as it was for the football star.

Franchise records, and accolades

During his 21 seasons with the Minnesota North Stars, and in Dallas Modano owns the most prescious records in the teams history. He holds the record for most goals, assists, and points for both regular and postseason for the franchise. He’s also played the most games regular, and postseason for the franchise that dates back to 1967.

Modano currently holds NHL records too for an American born player. Records for goals, points, and games played for someone born in the USA.

Mike’s career numbers (including one season in Detroit) were 1499 games played, 561 goals, and 813 assists for 1374 total points.

1999 Cup Champion, and gold medalist

The greatest achievements of Modano are in silver, and gold. To close out the 20th century, Modano and the Stars earned the team’s lone Stanley Cup thus far. Helping to land the Cup in the state of Texas. While also leading the team in points on a broken wrist during that playoff run.

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A lesser known fact, Modano was also a gold medalist. On September 14th, 1996, Modano and team USA upset team Canada to win the World Cup of Hockey. During the 2002, and 2006 Winter Olympics Modano played for Team USA too. Winning the silver medal in 2002. An American icon who won it all nationally, and internationally. Fitting highlights of an American born who saw his career enshrined into both hockey hall of games.

March 16th, 2024

When the Stars host the Los Angeles Kings, the statue that’ll further immortalize Modano gets unveiled on victory plaza. Four things come to mind when hockey fans think of Modano; speed, skill, champion, and legend.

At long last, Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki will be getting some company outside of the American Airlines Center.

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