The St. Louis Blues, and Colorado Avalanche are historically the biggest rivals of the Dallas Stars. There’s not much debate against that. But since the 2013-14 NHL conference realignment, the Stars have made new friends. The Nashville Predators, and of course the Minnesota Wild.

Never ending grudges from Minny

Ever since 1993 when former Minnesota North Stars owner Norm Green relocated the team to Dallas, becoming simply the Stars, the Stars as well as Green became foul language for Wild fans. Hate that continues to this day in Minnesota, and social media.

Playoff matchups

Both Dallas, and Minnesota have played each other twice since the NHL conference realignment of 2013-2014. Both playoff series were first round matchups (2016, and 2023) with Dallas emerging victorious in six games both in both meetings.

That 2023 matchup was the most intense of the two matchups. Tensions were highlighted by a late hit from former Wild Matt Dumba on Joe Pavelski. Pavelski would miss the rest of the playoff series due to sustaining a concussion. Friendly reminder that he got to see more playoff action than the Wild since Dallas eliminated them in six games. While Pavelski returned to the playoffs in game one vs the Seattle Kraken in the second round.

2023-24 pre, and regular season thus far

Though it was “just a preseason game” that didn’t stop Jamie Benn, and Patrick Maroon from renewing acquaintances. Maroon has had a history of playing with rival teams such as the St. Louis Blues, and the Anaheim Ducks. He, and Benn have met many times in the playoffs in the past ten years. Including the Stanley Cup Finals between the Stars, and the Tampa Bay Lightning. So fighting in a preseason game should’ve surprised no one.

Photo credit: Tony Gutierrez/AP

Last Sunday was a very special night on the 12th of November. Five power play goals, and two tallys scored short handed. That night vs the Wild seems to of been the game that got the Stars’ struggling power play on the right track too. With two more meetings left in the schedule, and potentially again in the playoffs the rivalry is sure to see new chapters of feud between the two teams.

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