In sports, x-factors are a part of the game as much as the statistics. There are elements of the game that don’t show up on the stat sheet. Emotion, determination, will power, and of course momentum. Riding the wave of a champion in your vicinity would fall under the ladder. It’s also been done before in Dallas/Fort Worth. Many have the Dallas Stars are Stanley Cup Contenders this year, too.

That 90s show

Looking back at the 90s, the Dallas Cowboys dominated the NFL early on that decade. Thee Super Bowls in four years. The Minnesota North Stars relocated to Dallas in the midst of the dynasty of America’s team.

Three and a half years after the Cowboys won their third Super Bowl in four years, the Stars won their (so far) lone Stanley Cup. How appropriately 90s that the team they beat in the championship round was against the Buffalo Sabres. Given that two of the Cowboys’ three Super Bowl wins that decade came against the Buffalo Bills. Not just once, but two years in a row.

Those championship matchups gave Dallas a 3-0 all-time record in the 90s between NFL, and NHL championships. Giving all the bragging rights to Dallas fans anytime the teams meet in either sport.

DFW Contenders

With the Texas Rangers finally winning their first World Series title, the excitement is ripping through Dallas. In the Dallas Fort Worth area, the Stars have the best chance of the other three teams to win it all this year.

The Cowboys have often looked good in recent years during the regular season. Their last two seasons ended in a playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers, and they didn’t look good against them this season either.

In the NBA head coach Jason Kidd has his Dallas Mavericks off to a good start after a disappointing 2022 season. While the Mavs look to get back to the playoffs for 2024, the Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors are the two best in the West.

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Back to the Stars, the club is only four years removed from their Clarance Campbell winning season. The Rangers had their times of coming up short (2010 and 2011) before breaking through as World Series champs 12 years later. After coming up short in 2020, the Stars hope to break through as Stanley Cup winners in 2024.

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