Both online and land-based casinos have massive popularity among gamblers.

Odds are the key to get the winning jackpot.

Some people believe that land-based casinos offer better odds, while others say online casinos are best when it comes to getting better odds.

So, what is the truth? This a common question for many new gamblers.

And this write-up, we discuss whether land-based or online casinos offer better odds. 

Online Casino RNG or Odds 

Online casino games look similar to land-based casino games, but there are multiple differences when you look closely, and one such is the generation of odds. Real-money online casino games use a complex RNG algorithm to determine the result of a roulette spine, dice roll, or croupier deal.

Random number generator, or RNG, is the standard for every online casino game, whether it is a poker, slot game, or something else. Even some land-based casinos nowadays use RNG for their casino games.

Land-Based Casino RNG or Odds

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While some modern land-based casinos have incorporated the random number generator method to generate odds for their casino games, there is still a big portion of traditional or land-based casinos that use the traditional method of generating odds. After all, for most land-based casinos, authenticity is the top priority when it comes to generating odds for their casino games.

 In land-based casino games, all table have their physical odds generator tools, such as dice, cards, wheels, etc., to ensure fair odds generator in every game. All these RNG tools on the table games are influenced by several environmental factors, such as wind velocity and the texture of the table players’ skill to roll out a dice or spin a roulette. 

Do online casinos have better odds than land-based casinos?

Depending on the game’s edge, both online and land-based casinos offer the same winning odds, which includes the winning chances of a player in land-based and online casino slots or progressed jackpot slots. However, this can be only true when both physical and online casinos maintain a strict and consistent RTP. RTP, or Return to Player, is a crucial part of casino games, whether it is online or land-based casinos. 

So, if the casino authority is using a rigged RTP system for their gain and to change the edge against players, they will not offer good winning odds. However, sites like offer better odds as they are licensed and consistent with their RTP system.

How to Get Better Odds in Online Casinos?

Getting odds is easy with some quick hacks. Applying these hacks helps you gain better odds in online casino games- 

  • Use Basic Strategies on the Table Games

Using the basic strategies of table games is essential to improve your winning odds in casino games. Playing impulsively can lead to an empty bank account or wallet. But when you use the basic strategies of the table game, you can improve your chances to get better odds. 

  • Play Free Online Slots

Another excellent way you can improve your chances of getting better odds in casino games is by playing free online slots. Free online slots from licensed casino sites offer a fair RTP system with a consistent RNG algorithm.

So, when you play these games, you can improve your chances of getting better odds without spending money. It is also a great way to improve your casino gaming skills. 

  • Opt for Low-house Edge Online Casino Games 

A lower house edge means a lower deduction from the winning amount. It also means that the site will have a fair RTP system as a result, you will get better odds. 


Getting better odds means increasing your chances of winning the jackpot. However, it may be confusing for a lot of people as to whether they choose online or land-based casinos for better odds.

While in reality, both can offer better odds if the site is consistent with the RTP system.

Photo: Hush Naidoo Jade Photography/Unsplash

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