The Texas Rangers are in the American League Championship Series for the first time since 2011. In  fact the Rangers have only been in the ALCS twice, and they are 2-0.

After losing the division on the last day of the season, everyone (including me) wrote them off as finished for the year. I even began looking at off-season trades and acquisitions.

After dominating the Wild Card round against the Tampa Bay Rays, hope rose but it was still a long shot. Rangers fans felt slightly better.

The Ranger Report Podcast had on Mark Brown, writer for Camden Chat on SB Nation. He believed the Rangers would win, and I believed that the Orioles would win.

Neither CJ Berryman, Ben Dieter or Mark Brown had a sweep, but that is exactly what the Texas Rangers did.

The team relentlessly scored and pitched even better. They swept the 101-61 Orioles out of the post season.

While the other American League Division Series is yet to be decided, it appears that the Rangers will face off against the team that owned them in the regular season.

It reminds me of 2010 when the Rangers got the monkey of the New York Yankees off their back. Can they do it again with the Astros?

Rangers fans are hoping so. The Astros have to get there first, but it appears that will be the case.

For now Texas Rangers fans have plenty of time to enjoy the 5-0 start to the post season.

Series Standouts:

To me it’s easy to pick some series standouts for the ALDS: Evan Carter is taking the baseball world by storm.

Mitch Garver had an amazing ALDS, driving in 7 runs in his two games played.

Corey Seager needs some credit as well as Nathaniel Lowe for his long at bat in the second inning of game 3.

On the pitching side it has to be Jose LeClerc, who looks as comfortable as I have ever seen him on the mound.

Andrew Heaney also came through in a spot the Rangers really needed him to. I could go on and on, but those are my standouts.

Rest and More Rest:

The Texas Rangers now have until Sunday to rest and get ready for whoever they will be playing in the 2023 ALCS.

Will Max Scherzer be able to return for the ALCS? That is yet to be seen but signs are all pointing to a yes on that front.

Can Jon Gray return and be effective? Also looking like that could happen.

Adding good pitchers to a staff that is already domination in October and this team is going to be hard to beat.

While a week and a half ago advancing to the World Series in 2023 was a pipe dream, the Texas Rangers are now favored to win it all per betting odds.

This team has been nothing if not resilient. Spend the next few days basking in the glow of two straight playoff series victories.

The Rangers road does not get any easier, but it hasn’t been easy up till now and they have dominated.

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