With the preseason wrapped up, it’s almost time to start playing the games that count. Over their_ preseason games, the Dallas Stars didn’t disappoint. While these aren’t “meaningful games” they’re still important. Guys need that warmup, and we were able to get a sneak peak of what’s to come. In particular what we’re highlighting from the exhibition.

Matt Duchene got acquainted

Among the new guys putting on the victory green this summer, the signing of Matt Duchene was the Stars’ biggest splash. Arguably the biggest acquisition of the summer too. A surefire top six forward the Stars want to push for another deep playoff run come April.

Inevitably there will be line shuffling. Through injuries, and riding the highs of an 82 game season. Duchene will be spending most of his time playing on the top two lines. Providing that appetizing depth scoring the Stars felt like they could’ve used more of last season.

Young guns impressed

We expected to see Jason Roberson, Jake Oettinger push the Stars to wins in the exhibition games. Logan Stankoven, and Mavrik Bourque had Dallas head coach Pete DeBoer impressed this preseason.

“They have two different personalities, but they share a similar trait that I think all good young hockey players share, and it’s a quiet confidence. They’re not overwhelmed by situations or meetings or video or practices or who they’re out there with or aren’t out there with,” said DeBoer, following Friday’s practice at Comerica Center. “I had a conversation with Logan the other night because I think he played 10, 11 minutes. I said, ‘You probably haven’t played 10, 11 minutes in a game in your life.’ He said ‘No, I don’t think I have.’ They have to get used to some of those things, but they also are smart enough and have enough perspective that they understand that this is a process and you’ve got to work your way through it.”

Ot Robo

Scoring after 60 minutes was a big problem for the Stars last year. Even in preseason seeing Dallas scoring overtime goals is a sight for sore eyes. Hopefully last Saturday was a sign of things to come.

Photo credit: Brandon Wade/Dallas News

Last Saturday September 30th, the Stars closed out the month in a fashion that puts a smile on the faces of Dallas fans. Even though it’s just preseason, Jason Roberson scoring an overtime winner vs the St. Louis Blues is satisfying.

The fun starts this Thursday

After tonight’s loss to the Minnesota Wild, the Stars finished the preseason with a 4-2-1 record. Now their real record stands at 0-0-0. With the warmups out of the way, and a few days to iron out the final roster the Stars open 2024 Thursday October 12th hosting the Blues. Let the fun begin.

Featured photo: Kuva/Getty Images

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