There’s no question about it that when the Mavericks made the draft night trade to acquire an additional first-round pick, the intention was to bring in players who can make an immediate impact. As we know, those first rounders became Derek Lively and Olivier-Maxence Prosper.

If we take a look at the roster, we can be sure that Doncic, Irving, and Williams will be in the starting lineup. Head Coach Jason Kidd affirmed that and has left the door open on the remaining two spots in the lineup, stating that “I look for the rookies to play a lot this season. They’re a part of our fabric and they would have a chance to be one of the starters this season”. We now know that both OMax Prosper and Derek Lively will officially start alongside that ‘big lineup’ to begin the preseason. These preseason games will be the rookies’ opportunity to potentially earn their spot come opening night.

With the subtraction of Reggie Bullock, I’d also anticipate Josh Green to have a larger ask of him this upcoming season. Green’s jumper is as fluid as it has ever been and his relentless energy has been evident since his rookie season. His name will certainly garner some attention as Coach Kidd sorts out the minutes.

Surely, it’s all fluid dependent on matchups – which is healthy. We’ve seen in years past where Dwight Powell starts at the center position but doesn’t necessarily get the largest bulk of minutes. As the longest tenured Maverick, Powell will certainly be in that starting conversation whether fans like it or not. The Dallas center position has been a revolving door over the years outside of Powell. The biggest area of need is on the defensive end, which is the reason Christian Wood isn’t back. Lively can make an immediate defensive impact while also building up P&R chemistry alongside Luka.

Undoubtedly, both Lively and Prosper will have an impact on this team whether or not they are in the starting lineup. I would personally like them to get as much NBA exposure early with hopes of being huge contributors in a deep playoff run.

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