When you think of the best fan experiences across the MLB, you think of the famous right-field seats at Yankee Stadium, where the roll call takes place, or the bleachers at Wrigley Field.
However, Rangers fans Jake Dupre and Caden Foutch wanted to bring that energy to Arlington

It started on Social Media, as most things do nowadays, but it turned into large numbers of rowdy Rangers fans packing seats in right field. 

Jake Dupre started building his community of Rangers fans on Instagram when he was just 11 years old. Flash Forward nine years, and he now has over 59 thousand followers. 

With that type of platform, it was evident that he and Caden Foutch, who came up with the idea, would have a big success. 

“I had an idea [when] we saw a frat come out here in late July [and] packed out the section, so I made a post on my TikTok saying let’s get together a big group. Jake from Rangers Nation reached out; we just kinda combined and blew it up to this,” Foutch said. 

The idea caught on and eventually adopted the name “Corey’s Corner,” named after Rangers superstar shortstop Corey Seager. 

When I asked about the name, Dupre said:

“We’re in the right field; this is Corey bomb territory, so we just thought it was fitting. We threw out a bunch of names that seemed to be the one that stuck the most, and I know Corey’s such a humble guy he doesn’t want to admit it, but I think he secretly likes it.”

The section gained national attention after featuring things like a roll call for Rangers players, funny signs, and lots of rowdy Rangers fans. Not only are the fans taking notice, but the players as well. 

After the first game, the rowdy bunch attended Rangers All-Star Second Baseman Marcus Semien said:

“Sounded like a lot of young fans having fun. It’s definitely been a fun year, and that definitely adds excitement to our games here at home, so we love it.”

The crew plans to make yet another big appearance on September 18th when the Rangers take on the Boston Red Sox. The first 500 fans in the section will receive a free shirt and rally towel. 

With Jake Dupre and Caden Foutch being lifelong Rangers fans, they knew the goal of Corey’s Corner was to create an environment right here in Arlington that is similar to the ones in big markets like New York or LA. 

Dupre said:

“That’s all of it. I come to games here, and it’s dead; you don’t hear much noise. I wanted to bring that student section environment [or] playoff atmosphere to Arlington because they [The Rangers] deserve it after the season they’re having. We just wanna keep them rolling [and] be fired up.”

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