Every NHL team boasts top lines of their best players on the roster. These top-line players usually score the most points on the team every season.
It’s the other three lines that account for about 70-75% of the ice time.

The players that make up these lines are valuable components of any offense. Depth scoring is essential for the Dallas Stars next season.

Players like Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, and Matt Duchene are probable candidates to make an impact; other players are also on the expectation list for a highly anticipated season.

Jamie Benn

The resurgence of Stars captain Jamie Benn launched the Stars into a deep playoff run. He finished 2nd on the team with 78 points in 82 games. Those are numbers unseen by him in several years. The 34-year-old is spending his entire career with Dallas so far.

He is top 3 in almost every major offensive category in franchise history. He has shown a lot of loyalty to this franchise and rightfully deserves the Stanley Cup. There is a chance for him to get one next season.

Tyler Seguin

It is now 10 years since that famous trade bringing Tyler Seguin to Dallas. He stormed out of the gate during his first few seasons with incredible stats. Injuries are plaguing most of those middle years. His recent return to fruition is fueling the depth of this lineup.

He put up consistent numbers over the last 2 seasons with 99 points. Seguin is a key player in his offense when he is healthy.

Matt Duchene

The Star-killer himself is now on the team. Matt Duchene destroyed the Stars when he donned an Avalanche uniform. His contract with the Stars is a low-risk, high-reward 1 year, $3 million deal.

He lit some lamps last season, with the Predators finishing second in scoring. Duchene is that diamond-in-the-rough missing puzzle piece the Stars are looking for.

Wyatt Johnston

Wyatt Johnston stormed onto the scene with 41 points in his rookie season. The 20-year-old has lots of potential, as he scored the series-winning goal against the Seattle Kraken with a stunner in Game 7. Wyatt is already scoring aplenty, even during his teenage years.

Expect to see him on the top line in the near future after Joe Pavelski retires. Watch him put up at least 50 points next season.

These dark horse players are the keys to success for the Stars. They are more than capable of putting up numbers that will send the Stars deep into the playoffs.
Stars fans are looking for that one special playoff run to the Stanley Cup Final. Only time will tell, but these players will bring the fury next season.

Photo: Dallas Stars/X

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