Whether it’s a conversation while out with friends or posts on social media, one guy is notorious amongst Stars fans.
Of course, Patrick Maroon is arguably the most hated player in today’s NHL. People would cheer on Victory Green.

From playing with various historical rivals to playoff moments, Maroon isn’t likely to be selling jerseys in Dallas.

Here, we will look back at the notoriety of Maroon facing off against Dallas and the upcoming chapter of the fun.

A History with Rival Teams

Kicking off his NHL career, Maroon started playing with his former Pacific divisional rival, the Anaheim Ducks. While the rivalry isn’t what it used to be after the 2014 realignment, the two teams would renew acquaintances in the 2014 playoffs. Since the Stars clinched a wildcard spot, they landed in the Pacific divisional bracket. The Ducks would go on to win the series in six games—the start of the Stars’ frustrations with teams having Maroon on their roster.

Worth noting that Maroon played with the Edmonton Oilers and the New Jersey Devils from 2016-2018. Two teams’ Stars fans have a history of hate, though those rivalries have dissolved quite a bit since 2003.

This next rival Maroon played for is where bitterness sets in the most for many Stars’ fans. Having played for his hometown St. Louis Blues for one year was all it took for Maroon to make the top tier list of anger and resentment for Stars fans on a play made in game seven of the second round playoffs. Salt on the wound was added when the Blues won the Stanley Cup a month later.

Adding insult to injury for was a part of a team that ended the Stars’ season when he played in his first of four years with the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Lightning defeated a beat-up yet valiant Stars team in six to win the Cup in the final round. While Stars fans will always look back and wince over two consecutive eliminations, they’re not alone. Fans of the Boston Bruins and New York Islanders suffered the same fate during Maroon’s three consecutive Cup runs from 2019-2021. Boston lost to the Blues in seven during the 2019 SCF and lost in five games to the Lightning in the second round of 2020. The Isles lost to the Lightning in the conference semis for the next two years.

The Heartbreaking Goal

The biggest stick in the crawl of Maroon’s NHL career came in the 2019 second-round playoffs. Game seven double overtime is where Maroon broke the hearts of Stars’ fans with a series-clinching rebound goal.

Adding to the deflating loss was the previous one, where Jamie Benn was centimeters from shipping the Stars off to the Western Conference finals.

Off to Minnesota

Photo: Russian Machine Never Breaks

Over this summer, Maroon signed with the Minnesota Wild. This will be another chapter of Stars fans not liking Maroon or the team he plays for. After the acquisition, the Stars nemesis said the Wild are going to shoot for the Cup.

Given their recent history of first-round losses, salary cap problems, and the talent the Stars have, the odds are stacked against the Wild even making it out of the West. Given that an old enemy will be playing with the northern cousins, the Stars should be even more fired up for another opportunity to put Minnesota back in their place.

Other Players Stars Fans Hate

Jeremy Roenick, Bryan Marchment, Scott Stevens, Sean Avery, and Chris Osgood are a few of the most hated names in Dallas. Maroon may very well top the list for many Stars fans.

The hate certainly adds to the interest, conversation starters, and fun for the matchups.

Come 2024, the Stars will be looking to get the upper hand over Maroon’s new team as well as the rest of the NHL for that silver holy grail.
Save for maybe an adjustment on defense; the Stars are primed for a Cup win of their own.

Photo: Codie McLachlan/Dallas News

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