“It just didn’t work today,” Max Scherzer said to the media after the Rangers’ 6-2 loss at the hands of the Brewers. It hasn’t worked since Wednesday, to be honest.

The Texas Rangers have lost four games in a row for only the second time this season.

The offense, which statistically has been the most prolific in baseball, has not been good the past four games.

The offense struck out 35 times in the three-game set. The Brewers were patient and drove the Rangers starters out early in each game.

Many fans believe this is the beginning of the end. Some just think it is the end.

The Rangers still lead the American League West by 2.5 games over the Astros and now just 3 games over the Mariners.

The Seattle Mariners have been the hottest team in the AL of late. They swept the Astros over the weekend.

Max Scherzer was not the dominant starter he has been for the club so far.

“They just put really good at-bats on me,” Scherzer said, according to the Rangers Today newsletter.

“It didn’t feel like I was putting guys away, especially when I got to two strikes. They were just hanging around, hanging around.”

While a Scherzer loss is not the end of the world, it feels like it when it caps off a 4 game-losing streak. Fans are obviously frustrated with the play of the team. X (formally Twitter) is nothing if not a hotbed for instant reactions and opinions.

The world is not ending as many people think. It could be if this turns into a long losing streak, however.

Max Scherzer didn’t even pitch poorly, as he only gave up to runs. The team needs to begin hitting again. Corey Seager seems unaffected by the slump. He had several home runs over the weekend.

This week the Ranger hit the road to face off for 2 against the Arizona Diamondbacks (64-61) and four against the first-place Minnesota Twins (65-60).

The Rangers have not been as good on the road. Hopefully, that changes, as they just completed a 2-4 homestand.

If they can get their offense back on track, they should be able to recover and continue to lead the American League West. They now have two teams breathing down their necks.

I believe they can recover, but it will be a sad day in Arlington if they do not.
Most of us think they are a year ahead of schedule to be a legitimate contender, though now they have us all expecting them to compete for the remainder of the season in 2023.

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