The Texas Rangers have officially moved Martin Perez to the bullpen.
That leaves the club with 6 starters right now, though Nathan Eovaldi is on the injured list.

The central question is what the team should do when Eovaldi returns. The order would be something like:

  • Max Scherzer
  • Nathan Eovaldi
  • Jordan Montgomery
  • Jon Gray
  • Dane Dunning/Andrew Heaney

After watching Dunning and Heaney in their last two outings, my question is, why not leave them both in the rotation? You would give every starter an extra day of rest every week. At the moment, all five in the rotation are pitching very well.

Bruce Bochy is all about tradition, but also he knows that he needs his arms to be fresh come post-season time.

Having a six-man rotation accomplishes that. I don’t see how extra rest would be bad for a rotation that has been a little banged up.

Both Heaney and Dunning have been very, very good in their last two starts. Dunning for longer.

It may sort itself out in the near future if one of them falters for a start or two, but what if it doesn’t?

Would you be okay with watching six guys go out there each week and compete at a high level? I don’t see how you move one if they are both allowing less than 3 runs a start.

Before the trade deadline, I would have been all for sending Heaney to the pen, but he has come on. He can really strike guys out when he has his good stuff.

Dane has been excellent all season, and I don’t know if he wants to return to the pen.

Not many teams over the years have gone with a six-man rotation, and I believe it is because it’s just not done that way in the majors. But just because it isn’t done much doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad idea. I think extra rest in August and September would be a very good thing.

Of course, the downside is that the players might not take well to it, and it might throw off their routine and rhythm.

Only time would tell, but if I were the Rangers, it would be a chance I would be willing to take. I want to see Eovaldi, Scherzer, and Montgomery rested and ready for a post-season run.
Giving them some rest over the next six weeks doesn’t seem like a bad thing at all to me. Then again, I’m not paid the big bucks to make those decisions.

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