Up until this weekend, people were wondering how serious the Texas Rangers were about winning now.
They answered that question this weekend with their additions, saying they are all in.

When you are a perceived contender, trades usually happen. With time still left before the August 1 deadline, they are poised to do more.

I have been telling people for years that there are two types of capital: money and prospects. The Rangers seem to have plenty of both.

The news came down on Saturday that the Rangers were making a hard push for Max Scherzer, and I was not happy. He was not having his best season, and I was afraid the Rangers were going to give up too much for a rental. I’ve seen it happen for guys like Ryan Dempster or Jonathan Lucroy—trades where the Rangers gave up too much and didn’t get the return they expected.

When the final details were released, the Rangers got Scherzer through the 2024 season for one prospect ( a big one in Luis Angel Acuna, don’t get me wrong), and the Mets picked up most of his salary.

Chris Young worked an amazing trade here. It can’t be overstated how important it is not to give up too much in a trade.

Young did a great job.

Sunday, the Rangers added two more pitchers for three more prospects. The Rangers received LHP Jordan Montgomery and RHR Chris Stratton for If Thomas Saggese, RHP Tekoah (TK) Roby, and LHP John King.

Both Scherzer and Montgomery had pitched for Mike Maddux before and pitched well. In my book, this is another great trade. With the news of the Nathan Eovaldi injury, they needed help, and CY went out and got some.

I do not believe they are done yet, either. Another reliever and possibly a bat will be added before the deadline.

The Rangers are all in for 2023. They are going for it. They maintained a one-game lead on the Astros and were just swept by the San Diego Padres.

Scherzer should debut for the Rangers in Wednesday or Thursday’s game, with Montgomery hurling the other game. Stratton could be as soon as Tuesday against the White Sox.

Another question that needs to be answered is who goes to the bullpen from the rotation. The easy answer would be Andrew Heaney and Martin Perez, but I don’t think that will be who it is. Dane Dunning, while he has been great, was also great out of the pen to start the season. Martin Perez, while having his struggles, eats up innings.

Whatever decision the team makes, someone will be unhappy.

Hopefully, whoever that is reacts by stepping up and not giving up.

Going to be a fun few days now that the Rangers are all in!

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