The 2023-2024 NHL season is unofficially underway, with the Stars knowing who they play.
The schedule is now released, and it seems “easier” than last season.

Long road trips can be tiring for a team, but the Stars don’t have ones as long as last season. Evgeni Dadonov is a Star for the next 2 years on a cap-friendly deal.

Free Agent Frenzy is just days away, with fireworks already beginning. Eighty-two regular season games on this team’s quest for the Stanley Cup are next up.

Dadonov Re-Signed

Evgeni Dadonov recorded 15 points in 23 games last season. The Stars signed him to a 2-year extension worth $2.25m AAV. This now means the Stars have north of $5 million in available cap space.

The Stars still have some slots to fill, which means players like Max Domi may not have a future with the Stars. Only time will tell, but Free Agency begins on July 1st.

New Schedule

Each team in the Western Conference plays teams in the Eastern Conference twice, one home and one away. The Stars will play 11 Eastern Conference teams on the road in 37 days from January 18, 2024, through February 24, 2024. That may seem like a lot, but the Stars will only play a maximum of four consecutive road games this season.

New Year’s Eve is at home against the Blackhawks while they get a nice homestand to finish the season. The ending homestand will have four games, while there are three separate homestands of five games each.

Goals for the Year

Setting goals for the year should begin in the offseason. Training for next year begins now. Making the Western Conference Final is progress for this team; making it further should be a critical step for this franchise. Winning the Stanley Cup for this city is something of destiny.

This city has been aching for a champion ever since the last title in 2011.

A Stanley Cup Final game in the American Airlines Center would work wonders for a champion-starved populace. The final championship game held in Dallas was for three sports in 2011. The Stars made the Final in 2020, but all 6 games were in Edmonton. The Stars have a chance to bring glory to the city of Dallas.

High hopes for Stars fans are the mantra going into this season. Thinking of a Stanley Cup Final game at the American Airlines Center is on every Stars fan’s mind.
The schedule is set for the 2023-2024 Stars. The Dallas Stars can win the Stanley Cup in 2024; the only question is, will they?

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