The Texas Rangers bullpen was not good again in the late innings against the Yankees.
It is also difficult to win when a team leaves 10 men on base.

The positive of the 3-3 week that the Texas Rangers had is they now have a 5.5-game lead over the Astros and a 6-game lead over the Angels.

The Rangers need help in the bullpen. Two arms at least would be nice, but it will cost them.

You would be looking at guys like Dustin Harris, Luisangel Acuña, Justin Foscue, Tekoah Roby, and other top 20 prospects.

One of the reasons a team stockpiles prospects are for just this occasion. So it is bound to happen to help the major league club.

The team is sitting at 47-30, which is a great record. No one predicted it for 2023.

Better, yes; dominate, no.

The Rangers have Houston coming up this weekend, and they could really take a commanding lead if they play well.

First, however, they have a four-game series against a struggling Detroit Tigers team. After the Detroit series, the Rangers will be at the statistical halfway point of the season. There is a possibility that they could be 51 – 30 at that point.

Even with all the bullpen woes, this team continues to win. It’s time to believe and stop living and dying with every loss.

This team is a playoff-caliber team—one of the best in the Majors in 2023. For Rangers fans, it’s hard to hope sometimes; I get it. But it is time to have some.

Think of it this way, if the Rangers win 35 of their remaining games, they will have 82 wins. Now if they go .500, they will have 90 wins.

I believe that this team is better than a .500 team, so I think they will win more than 90. That is big since I had them winning 75 in my pre-season predictions.

Do the losses suck? Yes, they do. Are they the end of the world? No, they are not. It is okay to be happy at this point, Rangers fans. You have earned it.
It should be a fun second half of the season.

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