The national sports scene in the US always has something to offer, but there may come a time when you feel the need for something totally new.
Other continents and countries have a range of sports available to bet on, which are rarely seen in the USA.


While betting may appear pretty similar across the board, there are substantial variations in betting practices between different countries and even continents. iGaming has experienced remarkable growth in Europe. Learn more about sports betting rules and popular games today.

The UK betting scene unsurprisingly favors football (soccer), and it is the favorite choice for UK punters. UK sportsbooks also feature sports less common in the US, such as darts and horse racing. Cricket is a stereotypically British game, and there is no lack of betting options in this area either. Rugby is widespread around Europe, especially in France, where their national team has been in every World Cup since 1987.

For adrenaline junkies, Formula 1 is perfect. Italy and Germany are home to some of the greatest F1 drivers. While in mountainous European regions, winter sports like skiing and bobsledding can be found – just like on Mobilepay casino.

South America

Mexico has the most boxing champions in the world after the US. This is especially impressive considering the relative size of the two nations. Latin America is also known for its record-beating athletes.

Yulimar Rojas from Venezuela is a double World Champion and holds the world indoor triple jump record with an incredible 15.43-meter mark. Of course, South America is mostly known for its incredible football (soccer) players, like Maradona and Pele.


Asia is known for an eclectic range of historic sports, especially when it comes to martial arts. Despite the spread of these sports to the West, the best of the best remain on the continent of their origin. Shaolin Kung Fu, originating in China, is one of the most famous martial arts, which has brought us household names like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. The Japanese sport Karate is also well-known, but despite its popularity, it only became an Olympic sport in 2021.

Taekwondo is a Korean sport focused on kicking and punching (the name literally means ‘the art of kicking and punching’) is relatively young compared to the previously mentioned sports, gaining popularity after World War II. Despite this, it has been part of the Olympic Games for over two decades.


Photo: Patrick Case/Pexels

In Australia, the most popular sports in the country are football (soccer) and cricket, whilst rugby reigns supreme in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea (still, Australia has won the most Rugby League World Cups a record 11 times).

Interestingly, when it comes to specifically Australian women’s sports, the most popular game is netball.

With this new arsenal of sports in mind, it’s time to find your next obsession.
Hopefully, we have kickstarted a new adventure for you, so enjoy the thrill of discovering something new, including the intricacies of the betting odds of a new sport!

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