The Texas Rangers are officially one-third of the way through the season. They have their best record through 53 games in franchise history.

As someone who has followed the Rangers for most of my adult life, this team feels different. They find ways to win instead of inventing new ways to lose.

Corey Seager missed some time, and Jacob deGrom is still out with an injury. Yet here the Rangers sit at 34-19.

We’ve covered ad-nauseam, the bullpen struggles. We’ve talked about the defense. Even with those issues, the Rangers are still 34-19.

Coaching makes a difference. Bruce Bochy and Mike Maddux are getting the most out of some of the pitching staff.

Nathan Eovaldi is having a record-setting May. Dane Dunning has been unbelievable in deGrom’s stead.

Fans have a right to doubt that the start is real life. They have been sorely disappointed in their ballclub over the past 5 seasons. 

Texas has fallen well short of contention the past 3 seasons. 2023 appears to be different.

Usually, I would say that injuries will slow this team down, but so far, that has not been the case. Production from the likes of Travis Jankowski and Robbie Grossman has been a pleasant surprise.

As is, this team is a playoff team. If they can add some arms to sure up the bullpen, they may compete for a shot at the Fall Classic.

Another thing this team has going for them is a stacked farm system. Most analysts have them as a top 10 system, some as high as number 4. 

They have players to deal with if they want to bring in a veteran reliever or two. The question is how much they will spend to bring in someone.

Meanwhile, prospects like Jack Leiter, Cody Bradford, Justin Foscue, Dustin Harris, Evan Carter, Owen White, and countless others are continuing their development. 

The difference in Bradford’s first and second starts at the Major League Level were obvious.

Think back to the game that they either should have or could have won earlier this season. The Texas Rangers could have the best record in all of baseball.

While I’m not quite ready to crown them champions, I am prepared to say they are closer to competing for a championship than I or almost anyone else thought. 

The Texas Rangers are good. Very good, in fact. 

They have had a share of first place for the entire season, and it is almost June.

Sit back and enjoy the first winning season for this franchise in over 5 years. I am starting to believe that it will only get better from here.

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