It’s not easy to successfully bet on the NFL.
However, you can improve your chances of success by analyzing trends in betting and understanding wider information about these trends.

You should also choose a reliable sportsbook where you can get reasonable odds and know that the betting action is fair.

Take a look at a full list of these sites, where you can also find information about how to choose a place to bet that is right for you. Then, it’s time to analyze the betting trends that may affect your wager and the bigger picture around these trends.

Let’s examine some of these trends and pieces of information in more detail.

Put Aside Personal Preference

This may sound like an obvious point to make, but you would be amazed at how many people bet on sports providers that aren’t on Gamstop, regardless of whether they are likely to win or not.

Look at the full list of teams available to bet on and study form and potential rather than bet on the team you love. Taking this approach makes it more likely your wagers will be successful.

Pay Attention to Line Movement

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If you notice that the odds, points, or totals have changed, this means that the betting line has moved. This movement can happen at any time and is normally due to larger amounts of money being placed on one side of a bet. However, it can also happen due to other factors, such as suspensions or injuries.

Typically, if you are looking to bet on a favorite, it’s a good idea to bet early, as the line tends to move against favorites over time. The opposite is often true for the underdog. You can also use line changes to wait for a price that suits you. If this price is never reached, just wait for another wagering opportunity.

Consider the Effect of Where the Game Is Played

In many cases, home-field advantage has a significant impact on play. This is especially the case for teams like the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks that traditionally perform well on home ground.

On the other hand, some teams develop a run of winning away. So, studying home and away form gives you an advantage when you are betting on the NFL.

Check for Injuries That Can Affect a Result

Football is a team game, and even small changes to the team dynamics can affect performance. So, it makes sense to keep updated on the latest injury news using resources like the official NFL site and use the information to inform your betting choices.

Likewise, it makes sense to check for any suspensions and other factors that may impact team performance.

Look at the Context Behind the Numbers

It’s important to remember that the numbers are only part of the story. There are many reasons for a team winning or losing. For example, a team may have been on a losing run, but a key player is returning who should help to turn the situation around. Also, points scoring is sometimes due to a slip in defense or a poor opponent rather than the skill of a team or the individuals within it. You can see why understanding the bigger picture is so important.

Using these trends and pieces of information does not guarantee you success betting on the NFL.
However, doing so does give you an advantage. 

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