The Texas Rangers scored 27 runs in the first two games of the 2023 season. The over-reactor in me said this will be the best team ever.

They then went on to score 13 runs over the next 6 games. The over-reactor in me said the season was over.

Sunday at Chicago against the Cubs, the team put up 8 runs. Who the heck is this team?

How Good are They?

I submit to you that they are somewhere in between 8 runs a game and 2 runs a game. The offense is good, but bi-polar right now.

We talked about it on the latest episode of The Ranger Report Podcast. There are some out there who want to blow up the team after 9 games.

The Rangers are sitting at 5-4, and fans need to remember that this is a franchise that won on 68 games in 2022.

A solid .500 record with be a 13 game improvement. That is a big step in the right direction.

The Texas Rangers have the pitching. The bullpen finally had a bad outing, but have still had a good season.

Breaking News

This is a team that has a chance to be special, but also has a chance to disappoint again.

The weakness of this offense seems to be the off-speed stuff. Again.

The Rangers may need a new offensive strategy if the continue to struggle against off-speed pitches.

They seem to, as a team, not be able to solve anyone who throws mostly breaking pitches. World Series Champions can hit breaking pitches.

At Lease: Pitching?

On the other hand the Rangers are 6th in all of baseball in pitching with a 3.65 ERA. The pitching has not been the problem.

The Rangers bullpen has a 1.98 ERA through 9 games, while the starting rotation is posting a 7.794 ERA (3.84 without Andrew Heaney’s start).

Speed and power are both assets for the team in 2023. If they can play up to their potential, they are going to be a force in the American League.

As Texas Rangers fans, we are used to disappointment. We have had our share of it, even in the World Series years.

Expectations are high for the team in 2023, and that worries a lot of Rangers fans. It also means we will see our fair share of new Rangers fans who criticize the team at every turn.

While I don’t mind criticism, it should be productive and not “This team sucks, fire everyone”.

Baseball is not football. A two week slump is not the end of the world. The Ranger have played 9 games. They have 153 to go.

Saying the season is lost would be like saying the Cowboys season is lost at the start of the fourth quarte of game 1 of the NFL season, while the Cowboys lead 35-28.

One of the things I love about baseball is the ebb and flow. You just have to hope it flows more than ebbs.

The season is just getting started, and I am excited about the prospect of the 2023 season. Don’t let 4 bad games end your expectations for the 2023 season. Enjoy the better product on the field.



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