The race for the Central Division cannot get closer between the top 3. The Dallas Stars are hanging onto the top spot by a thread with 5 games remaining. These last few games can mean the difference between a division title and starting the playoffs off on the road. Monday’s game against the Predators was all the Stars needed to secure a spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Playoff time is approaching with hopes of a Stanley Cup on the line. One Stars player is a big reason why they got to where they are. Jason Robertson is having a record-breaking year with the Stars. He is playing out of his mind recently and it is exciting to think about his potential in the upcoming playoff run.


An “x” next to a team name in the standings is a big sense of relief. Qualifying for the playoffs is a big stepping-stone that only half the teams get to each season. Just making the playoffs is not enough with the talent on this team. Setting their sights higher than last year is almost a must. Getting past the First Round is the bare minimum for this squad.

Division Race

This division lead is teetering on by a hair. The Stars and Wild are tied with games played and points while the Avalanche are actually ahead. The Avalanche are two points behind with two games in hand before their game Tuesday night. The Stars share a .636 points percentage while the Avalanche have a .640. One Avalanche regulation loss will level the playing field.


Jason Robertson is having the season of his life so far. 101 points in 77 games is an absolutely ridiculous number. He recently passed Mike Modano’s best season for the highest single-season point total since the Stars moved to Dallas in 1993. He even has 10 points in the last 3 games. Robertson is playing on a different level right now and his scoring surge is propelling the Stars into the playoffs. His 101 points are 6th best in the league. His potential for this upcoming playoff run should excite Stars fans.

Winning the Stanley Cup is every team’s dream. Robertson is exciting to watch and lots of eyes will surround him in the playoffs. The Stars have a long way to go to lift the Stanley Cup and the potential is there for a deep playoff run.

Photo Credit: Dallas Stars Twitter

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